SquareHue August 2015 Swatches, Comparisons, and Nail Art

Hi everyone! Today I’ve got my SquareHue August 2015 box (the 1970s) to show off on the blog…most of the way through October! I wasn’t able to get around to this post in the past few months because I have been quite overwhelmed by work and life. But nevertheless, I couldn’t NOT do a SquareHue box post! So here it is: the SquareHue 1970s collection!

SquareHue August 2015 Nail Art Disco Circles 6

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Swatch – Mango Bunny Surprise Bunny #4

Mango Bunny Surprise Bunny 4 Swatch 6

Hi everyone! I’ve got a short post today about this cute little indie polish from a brand called Mango Bunny (seriously, how adorable is that name?)! A while ago I saw a swatch of one of their polishes on Instagram (not this one) and I found it so completely mesmerizing that I ended up ordering a bunch of polishes from their Etsy shop, including some “surprise bunny” mystery polishes. I decided to pull out one of them – Surprise Bunny #4 – to wear around for a few days because I was feeling really drawn to the light-blue-with-a-twist thing that this polish is all about.

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Swatch – Julep Dawnelle

Julep Dawnelle Swatch 6

Hi everyone! Before I get going on the subscription box posts for this month (I REALLY want to finish both of them by the end of the month this time!!!), I’ve got a quick swatch of Julep Dawnelle. This insanely sparkly microglitter polish was originally released in the St. Patrick’s Day-themed March 2015 Mystery box (this polish is basically the reason I bought the box), but has since become available for individual purchase. If you’re into dense, full coverage microglitter (I am after I discovered Different Dimension Antheros!), this is definitely a polish to consider because it is SO gorgeous!

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Swatch – Julep Tanith

Hi everyone! I’ve just got a quick swatch today of an unconventional neutral polish: Julep Tanith. I was picking something that would look good on my little nubs (boo broken nail!) and I settled on this understated – but fabulous – offering from Julep. The thing with me and neutral nail polishes is that I, well, don’t usually like them because I almost always prefer colors. But when I want to wear a neutral polish, then I really REALLY want to wear a neutral polish and then I LOVE them. So, really, it’s kind of a love-hate relationship here, depending on my mood.

Julep Tanith Swatch 6

In this case, when I was picking a polish, I was crazy digging Julep Tanith, and so I chose it. And i have no regrets about that – it’s amazing!
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Simple Textured Triangles Nail Art

Hi everyone! I’ve got some simple geometric nail art today using some textured polishes from the Zoya Pixiedust line! This week I was kind of cramped for time, unfortunately, so I couldn’t do my subscription box posts like I planned. Nevertheless, they’re still going to come out soon (hopefully by the end of the month this time…) and I have a few other fun things to post on my blog in the meantime! Like this nail art!

Textured Triangles Nail Art 6

I don’t really know what inspired me to do this triangle nail art, other than I just felt like doing it and it came out well. I mean, hey, why not? It gave me a chance to break out some of the textured polishes that I don’t feel like I use as often as I should, seeing as I really like using them as nail art accents.

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Swatch – Rainbow Honey Tera Flare

Hi everyone! Before I get into the nail polish stuff for today, how do you like my new layout? I thought it was about time for my blog to get a makeover, so I changed the theme to make it prettier and more modern. To be honest, I chose my blog’s old theme because it put my content in the right places, but I never really liked the look of it. This new theme definitely has the “form factor” that the old one didn’t, and it still keeps all my content where I want it. Win-win! I’m still working on making it perfect, so expect a few changes as I keep improving things.

Rainbow Honey Tera Flare Swatch

Anyhow, today’s post is a swatch of Tera Flare by Rainbow Honey, which is a really unique polish that I am quite fond of. It features silver holographic square glitter and tiny turquoise hex glitter in a black base with a little bit of blue shimmer. That’s kind of a confusing description, but this polish does have a lot of different elements to it. It was SO worth wearing this polish by itself – it’s truly mesmerizing to behold. Continue reading

Swatch – Zoya Arabella

Hi everyone! I have more nail art coming up soon, but until then, I have a short post about Zoya Arabella! This polish is from Zoya’s recently discontinued Pixiedust line of textured polishes, so as you can see, it dries with kind of a bumpy matte finish. I picked this particular polish because I really liked the dark pink/berry color, and the fact that it’s got some little pieces of glitter for some sparkle.

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Julep February 2015 Swatches, Comparisons, and Nail Art

Hi everyone! I know it’s kind of late in the month (the March reveal is, like, today) but I of course need to do my monthly Julep Maven box post! Today I have a post about my picks from the Julep Maven February 2015 collection (Afterglow), which is the first box I’ve customized. That’s right – I reluctantly switched to My Maven so that I can get what I want out of each collection, and avoid things I don’t. It makes sense at this point, since I usually never want the beauty products and Julep has been putting more and more of them into the Style Profile boxes. Now it’s just polish for me! Yay!

This month, I chose my three favorite polishes from the February collection, plus I got another one (Hartleigh) as a freebie, for a total of four polishes. I used them all to create a nail art design that somewhat echoes the dark, rich florals that were part of the collection artwork.

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Blue Glitter Gradient with Darling Diva Beautiful and Julep Eliana

Hi everyone! I’m still having some pretty terrible computer problems that have been draining away my patience for nail art, but I still wanted to post something so here goes! Today I have a simple gradient using a glitter polish named Beautiful by Darling Diva over a moody blue base (Julep Eliana). I chose the Darling Diva polish out of a selection on Llarowe because I liked the mix of turquoise, copper, and white glitter a lot (also it was on sale). Since my nail polish collection is not big on glitters, let alone indie glitters, I think it makes a good addition to my stash. Putting it over Julep Eliana – a medium-dark denim blue crème – suited it quite nicely; I find the result quite appealing.

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