Reflection Post: My Right Hand (Cinderella Hand)

Hi everyone! I thought I’d take a look back today at the pictures I have of my dominant hand, which usually isn’t seen on the blog. As you can probably tell, I am right-handed, and so almost all of the pictures I take and post on the blog are of my non-dominant left hand. Obviously, this is because it’s easier for me to paint and photograph my left hand than my right. All the same, I usually do the same nail design on my right hand because I wear my manicures for on average around five days, and it would bother me if my hands looked significantly different from each other. If I did a really difficult design on my right hand, then I’ll take a picture of it as some sort of “proof” of my triumph. Over time, I’ve collected a bunch of these pictures and now have enough of them to post. I’ve decided to show them side-by-side with my left hand so you can see the differences.

Left-Right Comparison Feathers
I’ve heard that some nail bloggers refer to their dominant hand as their “Cinderella hand” because it does all of the work and gets none of the glory. Well, here today, my Cinderella hand can get the glory it deserves!

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Reflection Post: Julep Maven Meetup and December 2014 Sneak Peek

Hi everyone! Today I have a reflection/blog writing post about the Julep Maven Meetup event I went to on Tuesday night! Recently, Julep has been hosting “Maven Meetup” events in different cities where Jane Park (the CEO) and other employees of Julep come to show off upcoming products, get feedback, chat about life, and discuss products in the pipeline. If you haven’t noticed, my blog has a lot to do with Julep: I’ve used a lot of Julep polishes in my manicures, Julep has featured my work on their social media accounts (for which I am very honored! Big thanks to the social media team!), and I’ve made nail art in partnership with Julep for their InstaGrim contest. So when they announced that they were hosting a Maven Meetup in San Francisco, I had to go! I was looking forward to seeing the December collection, which they had out, and to chatting with the Julep people and other attendees. I didn’t take any photos of the event, so most of this post is going to be written. I do have sneak peeks of the December collection, though, so there are some photos in this post.

Overall, I really enjoyed attending the Maven Meetup – it was both enjoyable and enlightening. Beyond having fun playing with polishes, I liked meeting the people behind the company I buy so much nail polish from. It seemed like they really wanted to engage with us customers, and to get feedback about the company. Talking with them gave me some insight into Julep’s ethos, which I found fascinating. Chatting with the other Julep customers who came to the event was interesting as well, and I liked talking to everyone about their backgrounds and how they relate to Julep.

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Reflection Post – My Julep Blog Feature and Star Trek Manicure Party

Hi everyone! Instead of posting nail art today (well, actually, I have another nail art post that I’ll get ready right after this one), I have a reflection post about a few exciting nail-related things that happened to me in the past week!

First, I have some fabulous news! Remember this manicure? With the gilded leaves? That featured some September colors from Julep? Well, as I usually do, I put a photo on Instagram:

Julep September 2014 Gilded Leaves Instagram

But unlike how things usually happen with my blog/Instagram, Emi’s Manis kind of…exploded.
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