Swatch – Zoya Arabella

Hi everyone! I have more nail art coming up soon, but until then, I have a short post about Zoya Arabella! This polish is from Zoya’s recently discontinued Pixiedust line of textured polishes, so as you can see, it dries with kind of a bumpy matte finish. I picked this particular polish because I really liked the dark pink/berry color, and the fact that it’s got some little pieces of glitter for some sparkle.

Zoya Arabella SwatchZoya Arabella Swatch 4

The textured nail polish trend kind of fizzled out as of the end of last year, but I really enjoyed it while it lasted. I like how light reflects off of the little textured particles to bring out shadows and sparkles at the same time. And, while textured polishes may look rough in photos, they don’t feel uncomfortably gritty when you touch them. Best of all, they don’t require topcoat! Yay for speed! Ah well, I suppose trends have to die at some point.

Zoya Arabella Swatch 3

Zoya Arabella Swatch 2

Zoya Arabella is a berry-colored textured polish with small silver glitter suspended in it. Given that it’s from the original Pixiedust line, it doesn’t have large pieces of glitter in it that make it extra rough. It’s still got plenty of sparkle though! And the berry color is quite pleasant to wear. The formula was really easy to work with too, and I only needed two coats for full coverage.

My Instagram pic of this color, which I took while on an afternoon walk with my boyfriend, ended up being featured on the Zoya website! I was SUPER excited when I saw that!!! I think I might have squealed! I took a screenshot of it, but unfortunately it seems to be distorted really strangely and I can’t get it to look right on the blog. Anyhow you can see it here if you scroll down a ways.


I hope you’ve liked my post! Stay tuned for more nail art soon! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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