Moving Update

Hi everyone! I’m finally back! Unfortunately, it’s over a week later than I thought I would be, but moving was more stressful than I anticipated. I had a lovely vacation (during which I turned one year older), and I’m now settled into my new place! Thanks to my awesome family who helped me move into my new apartment – a task of Herculean proportions – I am now living in a sweet little place with lovely views in a quiet-ish neighborhood. Moving into my fourth floor walk-up apartment was an extremely difficult task that tired my body out big time, and the process of moving and unpacking was very mentally tiring as well. But I have calmed down now, recovered most of my misplaced valuables, and am ready to get back into blogging!

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Swatch – Rainbow Honey Tera Flare

Hi everyone! Before I get into the nail polish stuff for today, how do you like my new layout? I thought it was about time for my blog to get a makeover, so I changed the theme to make it prettier and more modern. To be honest, I chose my blog’s old theme because it put my content in the right places, but I never really liked the look of it. This new theme definitely has the “form factor” that the old one didn’t, and it still keeps all my content where I want it. Win-win! I’m still working on making it perfect, so expect a few changes as I keep improving things.

Rainbow Honey Tera Flare Swatch

Anyhow, today’s post is a swatch of Tera Flare by Rainbow Honey, which is a really unique polish that I am quite fond of. It features silver holographic square glitter and tiny turquoise hex glitter in a black base with a little bit of blue shimmer. That’s kind of a confusing description, but this polish does have a lot of different elements to it. It was SO worth wearing this polish by itself – it’s truly mesmerizing to behold. Continue reading

Rainbow Honey Sea Star and 488nm (August Mystery Bag)

Hi everyone! I’m excited to show off some indie nail polish by Rainbow Honey today, including a brand-new polish from the August mystery bag! This is my first post with indie polish, actually. I’m sure that I’ll have many more to come 🙂

I’ve had my eyes on Rainbow Honey for quite some time, and I finally sprang for some polish earlier this month. My order arrived yesterday, and I was so excited about it that I had to do some nail art! This simple design features Sea Star (the June 2014 LE) on top of a new Rainbow Honey polish from this month’s mystery bag: 488nm. I really like how fun and cute the two polishes look together. Definitely the aquatic look I was going for.

Rainbow Honey Sea Star and 488nm

Rainbow Honey Sea Star and 488nm

From the second I saw Sea Star, I knew I wanted to own a bottle. What can I say…love at first sight? I don’t know why I find it so compelling, since I usually am not into glitter bombs. I guess I’m drawn to its color combination of aqua, coral, and yellow, and the fact that it’s adorable without being too precious for me. The problem was finding a polish worthy of putting underneath it. Luckily, my search was over when I opened the August mystery bag and fished out 488nm (swatches are below).
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