Simple Textured Triangles Nail Art

Hi everyone! I’ve got some simple geometric nail art today using some textured polishes from the Zoya Pixiedust line! This week I was kind of cramped for time, unfortunately, so I couldn’t do my subscription box posts like I planned. Nevertheless, they’re still going to come out soon (hopefully by the end of the month this time…) and I have a few other fun things to post on my blog in the meantime! Like this nail art!

Textured Triangles Nail Art 6

I don’t really know what inspired me to do this triangle nail art, other than I just felt like doing it and it came out well. I mean, hey, why not? It gave me a chance to break out some of the textured polishes that I don’t feel like I use as often as I should, seeing as I really like using them as nail art accents.

My basic idea for this manicure was to use Zoya Sunshine and Cosmo in a double triangle on top of a dark color, and so I needed to find the right dark color! I settled on Covergirl Sapphire Flare, which is a saturated deep purplish blue creme. It went on nicely in two coats, although it was a little thick at the end and I got a hint of staining around my cuticles (still, it definitely wasn’t as bad as I was expecting considering my reservations about navy polish). In case you don’t remember, this happens to be a 100% dupe for Julep Ilsa.


Covergirl Sapphire Flare Swatch 2

After I swatched it, I put on a layer of topcoat to protect the polish. Given that I wasn’t going to put topcoat over the textured polishes, I had to put it on over the base polish to have some protection. Anyways, after applying topcoat, I freehanded the big triangles with Zoya Sunshine, which is a dark, muted navy textured polish with silver glitter. I could have used tape, but I felt comfortable enough freehanding it. Here’s what that looked like:

Textured Triangles part 1

There’s a bigger difference between the two shades in the photos than there was in real life, unfortunately. I was hoping that Zoya Sunshine would look significantly lighter than the base polish so that it wouldn’t blend in so much, but that turned out not to be the case. In direct lighting, at least, the difference between the two polishes was very apparent, and it does show up well in the photos.

Once I finished with the first triangles, I put on the second with Zoya Cosmo, which is from the “Magical Pixiedust” line. I was always kind of skeptical about the “Magical Pixiedust” line because I am not fond of chunky glitter bombs most of the time, but I eventually caved and I’m so glad I did. This polish works REALLY well here and it’s just PERFECT. The super shiny silver bling sets off the other polishes wonderfully, with just the right amount of bling for me. The holographic glitters are a nice eye-catching touch too 🙂

Textured Triangles Nail Art 7

Textured Triangles Nail Art

Other than Zoya Sunshine blending in too much with Covergirl Sapphire Flare, I was really happy with how this manicure turned out. I love how the textured polishes look here; they work really well in the whole manicure.

Textured Triangles Nail Art 2

The only downside to this was that, as you can see, my nails were rather long because I didn’t file them for a while…oops. After only 2 days of this mani, my middle finger nail on my right hand broke really badly and I was all: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! It was pretty bad, but thankfully it was only at my nail tip so I could file my nails down to nubs; you’ll see them in my next post.

I hope you’ve liked my post! Stay tuned for the subscription box posts next week, I’m working on them! Thanks for reading!

– Emi























So…I’ve decided it’s sneak preview time! Here’s a prototype of the mani I’ll be doing for one of my subscription box posts this month.


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