Disney Series – Frozen Queen Elsa Glittery Snowflakes

Hi everyone! I finally got around to finishing my series of Disney-inspired nail art, which was prompted by a trip my friends and I took to Disneyland in July! A while ago, I offered to give each of my friends, plus myself, a manicure inspired by a Disney character of their choice before the trip – 5 designs in total. Unfortunately, I only managed to get three of the five planned designs done on their/my nails before heading off to Disneyland. But I’m featuring them all on myself on this blog because they’re all amazing (hence the series)! Previous designs were based on:

  1. Minnie Mouse
  2. Prince John from Robin Hood
  3. Tangled sun design
  4. Princess Anna from Frozen


In my last Disney Series post (Princess Anna), I said that the final manicure of the series was going to be about Queen Elsa from Frozen. Because how could you not do super glittery and shiny Queen Elsa nails? Think of the opportunities! Plus, she’s the trendiest thing Disney has come out with in recent history, so it’s almost a given that I was going to ride the seemingly unstoppable Frozen train for a little bit. So here they are:

Disney Frozen Elsa Snowflakes Continue reading


Disney Series – Frozen Princess Anna Dress Inspired

Hi everyone! I’ve got a quick couple of items first before I get on with the nail art. First, I am very grateful to all of you subscribers/commenters/people who like my posts/readers – basically all the people who come in contact with my blog – for checking out my manicures. I am really appreciative of every single notification that, somewhere out there in the world, someone is looking at my stuff. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. It makes my day when someone likes a post, or comments, or subscribes to my blog. It really does (hearts!). So thank you all for reading! Second, I started a Pinterest account under the emismanis name  but I am so far using it only to pin other people’s nail art that I like, and not to post my own stuff. I’m ambivalent about whether I should use Pinterest to post my nail art because I like how widely used it is as a platform, but I prefer this blog and Instagram, and I’m pretty afraid of my pictures being stolen on Pinterest. Let me know what you think about this possible development in the comments.

I am continuing my Disney manicure series today with a new installment inspired by Princess Anna’s coronation dress from Frozen! If you haven’t read the earlier posts on my blog, I came up with a series of Disney-themed manicures that I was supposed to paint on my friends and myself before a trip we took to Disneyland a few weeks ago. I only got around to painting three out of five of the manicures on my friends, which I featured previously (these were themed off of Minnie Mouse, Robin Hood‘s Prince John, and the Tangled sun). This design is one of the two I didn’t get around to painting on my friends, but since it’s so pretty, I thought I’d feature it on the blog anyways. Continue reading