Swatch – Rainbow Honey Tera Flare

Hi everyone! Before I get into the nail polish stuff for today, how do you like my new layout? I thought it was about time for my blog to get a makeover, so I changed the theme to make it prettier and more modern. To be honest, I chose my blog’s old theme because it put my content in the right places, but I never really liked the look of it. This new theme definitely has the “form factor” that the old one didn’t, and it still keeps all my content where I want it. Win-win! I’m still working on making it perfect, so expect a few changes as I keep improving things.

Rainbow Honey Tera Flare Swatch

Anyhow, today’s post is a swatch of Tera Flare by Rainbow Honey, which is a really unique polish that I am quite fond of. It features silver holographic square glitter and tiny turquoise hex glitter in a black base with a little bit of blue shimmer. That’s kind of a confusing description, but this polish does have a lot of different elements to it. It was SO worth wearing this polish by itself – it’s truly mesmerizing to behold.

Tera Flare initially got my attention with the holographic square glitters, which I thought were really cool when I saw the polish online. Mainstream brands don’t usually include square glitter in their polishes, so I bought it for that reason, even though black isn’t really my favorite polish color. However, I seriously underestimated how amazing this polish would look beyond just having square glitter in it. The overall composition of this polish is genius! The way the black base, blue shimmer, and holographic glitters come together is just so perfect! Overall, it’s very sci-fi like. It looks practically like a galaxy manicure in a bottle, it’s THAT good. YES.

Rainbow Honey Tera Flare Swatch 2

Rainbow Honey Tera Flare Swatch 3

The formula of Tera Flare was less stellar than its appearance, but it was still perfectly fine. It was pretty easy to apply, though a bit thick, and the glitters dispersed nicely without any hassle. Because the first coat I applied was a bit patchy, I needed to apply three coats for full opacity. Next time, though, I think I’ll just take more care applying the first coat  so that I can get away with only two coats.

Rainbow Honey Tera Flare Swatch 4
I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


7 thoughts on “Swatch – Rainbow Honey Tera Flare

    • emismanis says:

      Around as thick, or only slightly thicker; the thickness is all due to the larger squares being there. Overall, it’s not bad, though, and you should definitely look into it!


  1. Ida says:

    I like the new layout, but I miss the title image :).

    I love I can see your instagram feed, that is great. Since so many of your posts feature (beautiful) pictures, have you considered a layout where recent posts show a picture?
    Doesn’t always work, but it could.


    • emismanis says:

      Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I’m definitely not done with the new layout yet, and I most assuredly will put pictures back in the header soon. Hopefully within the next few days, it’ll be complete!


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