Swatch – Julep Tanith

Hi everyone! I’ve just got a quick swatch today of an unconventional neutral polish: Julep Tanith. I was picking something that would look good on my little nubs (boo broken nail!) and I settled on this understated – but fabulous – offering from Julep. The thing with me and neutral nail polishes is that I, well, don’t usually like them because I almost always prefer colors. But when I want to wear a neutral polish, then I really REALLY want to wear a neutral polish and then I LOVE them. So, really, it’s kind of a love-hate relationship here, depending on my mood.

Julep Tanith Swatch 6

In this case, when I was picking a polish, I was crazy digging Julep Tanith, and so I chose it. And i have no regrets about that – it’s amazing!
Julep Tanith Swatch 2

The other thing about me and neutral polish is that, in order for me to like it, there usually has to be something “special” about it in some way that makes it stand out. With Julep Tanith, there’s a whole bunch of gold microglitter that adds a bit of subtle pizzazz to the perfectly-paired, putty-colored crelly base. Overall, it looks utterly fantastic by itself, and also against my skintone. It is slightly warm-toned, but I would imagine that this polish would look good on most people since it’s not excessively warm. The putty color and the gold glitter go so well together – I just can’t get over it (can you tell I like this polish?).

Julep Tanith Swatch 3

The formula of this polish was not as lovely as the color, unfortunately, but I got it to work. It applied really thickly and was a bit tough to manipulate to where I wanted it to go; I had to thin it out midway through to get it to apply nicely. All the same, it wasn’t all that hard to apply, and it covers well in three coats. If you apply thick coats you can get away with two, but I thought three thinner ones might be a little better.

Julep Tanith Swatch 7

This is so gorgeous! I loved wearing it for several days – just the thing I needed 🙂

I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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