Swatch – Mango Bunny Surprise Bunny #4

Mango Bunny Surprise Bunny 4 Swatch 6

Hi everyone! I’ve got a short post today about this cute little indie polish from a brand called Mango Bunny (seriously, how adorable is that name?)! A while ago I saw a swatch of one of their polishes on Instagram (not this one) and I found it so completely mesmerizing that I ended up ordering a bunch of polishes from their Etsy shop, including some “surprise bunny” mystery polishes. I decided to pull out one of them – Surprise Bunny #4 – to wear around for a few days because I was feeling really drawn to the light-blue-with-a-twist thing that this polish is all about.

Mango Bunny Surprise Bunny 4 Swatch 8

Surprise Bunny #4 is a light sky blue crelly polish with a really interesting mix of different sizes of matte white, matte pink, metallic turquoise, and holographic red hex glitter suspended in the base. It’s quite an unusual combination of colors and finishes that really “makes” this polish; I’m especially fond of the red holographic hex glitters because it’s really fun to see them catch the light! The base itself is a pretty easy-to-apply sky blue crelly that goes on smoothly in three coats. Since it is somewhat sheer, you can see the glitter from previous layers of polish showing through the top layer, and it’s awesome! The only drawback about this polish is that it is somewhat difficult to get the glitter distributed nicely because it’s rather sparse in the base. I did have to finagle the polish a little bit and shake the bottle up to get enough glitter, but it wasn’t too hard to get it to work out well.

Mango Bunny Surprise Bunny 4 Swatch 2

Mango Bunny Surprise Bunny 4 Swatch 3

It’s so cute! And slightly eccentric – in a good way. I love how the different glitter colors, especially the red, set off the light blue base, and also how the translucency of the polish makes for a gorgeous glitter sandwich-like effect. Overall, I’m quite pleased with how Surprise Bunny #4 turned out – definitely a worthwhile surprise!

I hope you’ve liked my post! The next one should be super-special so I hope you’re looking forward to it!!!! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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