Swatch – Julep Dawnelle

Julep Dawnelle Swatch 6

Hi everyone! Before I get going on the subscription box posts for this month (I REALLY want to finish both of them by the end of the month this time!!!), I’ve got a quick swatch of Julep Dawnelle. This insanely sparkly microglitter polish was originally released in the St. Patrick’s Day-themed March 2015 Mystery box (this polish is basically the reason I bought the box), but has since become available for individual purchase. If you’re into dense, full coverage microglitter (I am after I discovered Different Dimension Antheros!), this is definitely a polish to consider because it is SO gorgeous!

Julep Dawnelle Swatch 2

Julep Dawnelle Swatch 3

Julep calls Dawnelle a “mixed metal shimmer” and, other than the “shimmer” part, that’s an accurate description of what this polish looks like. While the overall look of this polish is very tan/neutral, there are actually quite a few colors of microglitter going into this polish. Most of the polish is a tan/bronze color, but there’s a lot of copper and silver microglitter interspersed among the bronze stuff. The colors combined serve to give this polish a lot of dimension and complexity that make it incredibly stunning. Just FYI: if you were hoping for any holographic glitter, this polish doesn’t have any in it. Nope, just metallic glitter. I took a blurry shot so that you can see what I mean about the glitter colors:

Julep Dawnelle Blurry

It may not look the greatest against my skintone (it’s a little too cool-toned for me), but I love it and can’t summon the will take it off! It is insanely shiny and sparkly. Anyways, this is just two coats of this polish and BOOM – full coverage! Granted, they were two thick coats of polish (the consistency of Dawnelle is pretty thick), but still that’s impressive coverage. I did have to smooth it out with three coats of topcoat, though, to get to this level of shininess. All the same, LOOK AT THE SPARKLES!!!

Julep Dawnelle Swatch 8

Julep Dawnelle Swatch 4

I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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