Disney Series – Minnie Mouse Inspired French Tips

Hi everyone! Today I’m starting a series of Disney-inspired manicures, which I am creating in anticipation of an upcoming trip that my friends and I are taking to Disneyland!! YAY!!! So excited! For the trip, I agreed to give each one of my friends coming on the trip a unique manicure inspired by a Disney character, hence the “series” aspect. This first design in the series is inspired by Minnie Mouse, and was originally my friend Kimi’s idea. The design is inspired by Minnie Mouse’s classic red and white polka-dotted outfit, complete with a bow. It is SOOOO adorable, and I love the classic color combo. I like that it is subtle, chic, and wearable rather than wild and crazy.


A bit of backstory: Kimi and I both like nail art and Disney, and given how excited we are for this trip to Disneyland, Disney-themed nail art came up in conversation one day when we were hanging out. After browsing online through other nail artists’ designs, Kimi came up with this idea for a manicure inspired by Minnie Mouse: black French tips with the red and white polka-dotted bow. And then we decided that it would be super fun to do a bunch of nail art themed off of Disney characters! We came up with an idea for a design for me (no spoilers!!), and at that point, I was so excited about the idea that I decided to pose the suggestion to the rest of my friends that are coming on the trip. I’ve got about 4 more designs in the series now, each based off of a different Disney character. I’ll be doing a demo of each design on myself in the next few weeks, so get ready!

Minnie Mouse Montage

Minnie Mouse picture is from Disneyclips.com

The technique for this manicure is pretty straightforward. First, I painted on three coats of L’Oreal Wishful Pinking, which is THE BEST French manicure sheer pink I have found. It is amazeballs, and you should get it if you can find it. It makes your nails look beautiful! Then, I freehand painted the tips on with opaque black (American Apparel Hassid), and layered Sally Hansen Black Diamonds on top of it because, come on, this is Disney and we NEED glitter here. I painted the bows with an opaque red (OPI The Thrill of Brazil), and similarly topped them off with a sparkly red to add glitter. After some experimentation, I found that Revlon Spidey Sense (used previously here) was the most shiny. Finally, I added the tiny white dots with a brush to complete the look. All together, it looks really cute. I can’t wait to do it on Kimi’s nails!


I hope you enjoy this look!



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