Disney Series – Frozen Princess Anna Dress Inspired

Hi everyone! I’ve got a quick couple of items first before I get on with the nail art. First, I am very grateful to all of you subscribers/commenters/people who like my posts/readers – basically all the people who come in contact with my blog – for checking out my manicures. I am really appreciative of every single notification that, somewhere out there in the world, someone is looking at my stuff. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. It makes my day when someone likes a post, or comments, or subscribes to my blog. It really does (hearts!). So thank you all for reading! Second, I started a Pinterest account under the emismanis name  but I am so far using it only to pin other people’s nail art that I like, and not to post my own stuff. I’m ambivalent about whether I should use Pinterest to post my nail art because I like how widely used it is as a platform, but I prefer this blog and Instagram, and I’m pretty afraid of my pictures being stolen on Pinterest. Let me know what you think about this possible development in the comments.

I am continuing my Disney manicure series today with a new installment inspired by Princess Anna’s coronation dress from Frozen! If you haven’t read the earlier posts on my blog, I came up with a series of Disney-themed manicures that I was supposed to paint on my friends and myself before a trip we took to Disneyland a few weeks ago. I only got around to painting three out of five of the manicures on my friends, which I featured previously (these were themed off of Minnie Mouse, Robin Hood‘s Prince John, and the Tangled sun). This design is one of the two I didn’t get around to painting on my friends, but since it’s so pretty, I thought I’d feature it on the blog anyways.

This nail art design is based off of Princess Anna’s fancy “coronation dress” that she wore in the first third of the movie. It’s a gorgeous dress that features several muted greens and fanciful, floral embroidery on the bodice and skirt. Now, I’m not a huge fan of Frozen as a whole (unlike, seemingly, the rest of the world), but I AM a fan of this dress because it is princess-like without being too over-the-top and poofy. Also, it happens to be green, which is my favorite color. I picked up the skirt pattern for this design, and it looks pretty good as nail art. When I showed this to my mom, though, she thought it looked too much like wallpaper. Well, she’s not wrong… Regardless, I love the muted greens, and the way the pattern looks when it goes across all my nails. The tiny shiny accents add just the right amount of eye-catching glimmer to complete the look perfectly.

Frozen Anna Composite

“For the first time in forever…”

I used the following polishes to create this design:

  • Essie Navigate Her (light celery green creme – used as base color)
  • Zoya Gemma (medium sage green shimmer – big middle stripe)
  • Zoya Evvie (dark grey-green creme – small side stripes and center design curves)
  • Zoya Flynn (medium tan creme – center design teardrops)
  • Julep Greta (cranberry microglitter – center design dots)
  • Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle Natural Sienna (warm brown shimmer – center design top and bottom dots)

To begin, I painted 2-3 coats of Essie Navigate Her on all nails. I then painted the big center stripe with Zoya Gemma, which is a beautiful sage green polish with a hidden blue shimmer, and the little side stripes with Zoya Evvie. I found it easiest to paint on Gemma with the nail polish brush itself, and to apply Evvie with a striper brush. The stripe design was really fantastic just by itself:

Frozen Anna Stripes

But after a day of wearing just the stripes, I went through applying the floral decorations to the center stripe. I did the four center curves first with Zoya Evvie, and then the teardrop shapes above and below with Zoya Flynn. Finally, I applied the center dots with Julep Greta, and the top and bottom dots with Sally Hansen Natural Sienna. It is pretty cute with the floral stuff, and I’m enjoying wearing it. The Tangled manicure got a bit intense for me with the contrasting colors, so I’m relieved by the more harmonious color combination in this look.

I hope you like this Frozen-inspired look! Eventually, I’ll get around to the last design in the Disney series (also Frozen themed, because you can’t NOT do a glittery Queen Elsa manicure), but I might do a few other manicures in between. Thanks for reading!

– Emi


7 thoughts on “Disney Series – Frozen Princess Anna Dress Inspired

  1. The Nail Art Kit says:

    Hello Emi! I totally love this manicure, I think it’s one of the best you have made! And I know from experience how difficult is to make it so symmetric. Congrats!
    Concerning pinterest, although I haven’t tried yet (but I will!), I assume that there is a small chance that your pictures get stolen if you write your blog’s name on them…


    • emismanis says:

      Hi Alina! Thanks for reading my post 🙂 I’m glad you like this one; you are definitely an expert on precise nail art, so your appreciation is quite meaningful.

      Yeah, it makes sense to put my name on my photos if I put them on Pinterest. I’m leaning in favor of the idea. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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