Gradient Nail Art with Julep Colors

Hi everyone! I have some quick nail art that uses three Julep colors in a gradient. I don’t know why I’ve been picking so many Julep polishes to wear in the past few weeks; I’m going to be more diverse in the next few weeks, I think. This look uses Julep Greta, Ariana, and Joelle.

For the gradient, I used a base of Greta (introduced February 2014), which is a berry-red microglitter polish. Greta is somewhat sheer, but covers well in two coats. Ariana (introduced June 2014) is the more purple version of Greta, and also has a similar formula. The fact that the formulas of both polishes are on the sheer side makes them good for a “syrup” gradient – a gradient created simply by brushstrokes instead of using the makeup sponge technique – which saves a lot of time and frustration. I selectively brushed Ariana on top of Greta, concentrating it at the tips of my nails. Finally, I took a Q-tip and sponged on Joelle – a silver holographic glitter – on the tips.

It looks nice, but the gradient adds a lot of bulk to the tips of my nails; this makes it kind of uncomfortable and awkward to wear. I’ll probably remove it and do something more cool in the next few days.

I hope you enjoy my post!



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