Disney Series – Prince John’s Crown Inspired Tips + Disneyland! (Long Post)

Hi everyone! Once again, I would like to introduce you to my brand-new Instagram account (@emismanis) that shows my manicures going out and about in the world. I hope you readers appreciate it as a supplement to my blog 🙂

So I didn’t end up posting last week like I said I would because the planning for my Disneyland trip got a bit too hectic, but I am back this week with some more Disney-inspired designs! In my blog post for the first design in this Disney manicure series (this chic Minnie Mouse design), I wrote that my friends and I had been planning a trip to Disneyland for ages that FINALLY happened last week. The lead-up to this trip included me painting my friends’ nails with Disney related designs of their choosing, which was super fun. I only ended up painting two of my friends’ nails plus my own for a total of three designs, but I will feature the other two designs on myself sometime later. The trip was amazing!!! At the end of the post, I’ll post a few vacation photos for you all to look at.

The idea for my Disneyland nails comes from Disney’s 1973 film Robin Hood (yes, the one where the characters are anthropomorphic animals), which my friend Kimi and I were watching when we first hatched the Disney manicure idea. Kimi can correct me on this, but I think I said something like, “So…what Disney character should I paint on my nails?” and Kimi pointed at the screen and said something like, “Dude, Prince John.” Once we bounced around ideas for how a Prince John manicure would look, I really loved the design and went with it. We came up with a manicure based on the Disney villain’s bejeweled crown, into which I incorporated real rhinestones for extra bling and regality. Take a look:



Robin Hood is actually one of my family’s favorite Disney movies because of how outrageous Prince John is. Based off of the real-life King John, an unpopular English king in the medieval era, Disney’s Prince John (a lion) is similarly an awful king who is loathed by his subjects because of his extravagance, cruelty, and imposition of high taxes. He is a comical villain with serious diva tendencies and a love for his/King Richard’s crown. The golden crown in the movie is pretty simple in design: the top has crenellations like a castle parapet, and colorful diamond-shaped gemstones circle around the whole thing. This made for a pretty easy tip-based design.

Prince John Composite

Prince John’s Crown Inspired Manicure

To begin, I put down three coats of L’Oreal Wishful Pinking (my favorite sheer French manicure pink) and one coat of Sally Hansen Aisle Be There (pink iridescent microglitter) for extra sparkles. I painted the crown with OPI Goldeneye – definitely the most suitable polish for painting this design, given how truly golden and shiny the polish is. I first painted the bottom of the crown by swiping the nail polish brush about 1/3 of the way up my nails, putting on multiple coats to achieve opacity, and then painted rectangles on top of the swipe using a striper brush. The crown has two bands that bracket the base of the crown, but since I can’t paint in three dimensions, I used a lighter gold foil polish (Covergirl Golden Opportunity) and a striper brush to hint at them. I painted the emerald dot (Revlon Emerald Suede) in the center of each nail to mimic the small jewels the crown has in between the diamonds; I used green instead of red (like in the movie) because I switched around some of the rhinestone colors and green went well with the alteration.

I bought the diamond-shaped rhinestones off of Amazon specifically for this manicure; they really do add an over-the-top “bling factor” that makes this design look crown-like. While Prince John’s crown features red and green jewels, I used blue instead of green because the green color of my rhinestones was more peridot than emerald, and the sapphire blue fit in with the overall look. I tacked them onto my nails using a bit of non-quick-drying topcoat, and later covered the whole design (including the rhinestones) with a layer of topcoat for extra durability. This technique did help the rhinestones stick on for quite a while. A full three days after doing my nails, two rhinestones fell off. One more fell off the next day, and two more the subsequent day. All in all, I lost only 5 out of 20 of the rhinestones in the five days I had this design painted on. Not too bad! Although I was able to recover the remaining rhinestones after removing all the polish, they had been worn down by the elements and so I discarded them.

I am so happy with the result! It made my trip super special.

Now for some vacation photos:

I did the nails of two of my friends the night before we left. My friend Kimi finally got the Minnie Mouse French tips design she wanted, with an especially cute accent nail. My friend Emma got a Tangled-inspired design with the yellow sun motif on a purple background; her manicure had to be abbreviated from the original design I had conceived of because it was late and we needed to sleep. Yesterday, I executed the full design on my nails, so I’ll post it soon. Here is a composite of all three designs:

Disneyland Composite
The trip went very well, and all of the extensive planning finally paid off. We had a great time! In between going on all the rides, I tried on some costume jewelry to go with my manicure:


“You have my permission to kiss the royal hands – whichever you like.” – Prince John

squeezed in a cute caricature with my boyfriend:

and saw Sleeping Beauty’s castle pre-fireworks:

Here’s a sneak preview of the inspiration behind the other two designs I wanted to paint:

I hope you enjoyed the latest manicure in my Disney series. Next up will be the Tangled-inspired manicure that I originally designed for my friend Emma, and eventually I’ll get around to the other two. Thanks for reading (if you made it all the way through, I’m very impressed)!

– Emi


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