Disney Series – Tangled Sun Half Moons + Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I have the third installment of Disney-themed manicure series that I originally designed in anticipation of my trip with my friends to Disneyland, which happened last week. As I have said in some previous posts, I offered to paint my friends’ nails prior to the trip with designs they wanted, and ended up painting two designs on them (I still have two more that I haven’t done yet). So far in the series, I’ve featured this Minnie Mouse-inspired French tip design for my friend Kimi, and a manicure of Prince John’s crown that I designed for myself. The newest addition to the Disney series is this Tangled-inspired design that uses the sun motif from the movie in a half moon manicure. My friend Emma picked up this idea from the various other designs on the internet, and I augmented the basic idea to make it more interesting and complex. I had to make the design (very) abbreviated on her due to time constraints (you can see it by clicking on the Prince John link), so I executed the full look on myself. This post even has a picture tutorial for the design (my first tutorial ever!!!) so you all can see the process. Here is the result:


If you watched the movie, you may remember that the sun is heavily featured, not only as the symbol of the kingdom, but also as the source of magic, life-restoring power that Rapunzel channels through her hair. As the symbol of the kingdom, the sun is shown as a golden yellow with several undulating rays on a purple background. Other nail artists on the internet have incorporated the sun shape into half moon manicures, which is where the basic idea for this design came from. The thing that I did differently from others was to add the lighter purple “doodles” onto the purple background; these doodles came from a chalk drawing that Rapunzel drew during the sun festival in the movie. As you can see:

Tangled Composite

The inspiration from Tangled – you can “see the light”.

It is a fantastic manicure, and I loved how it turned out. This is probably one of the most intricate designs I’ve ever done, actually.


Since I have a tutorial for this manicure, I won’t bother explaining how I did the process, other than saying I freehanded the designs and used a teeny tiny brush. The polishes I used are below:

  • Sally Hansen Triple Shine Vanity Flair (medium purple background)
  • Covergirl Outlast Goldilocks (goldenrod yellow for the main sun color)
  • Spoiled Designated Driver (medium yellow for sun details – this polish is kind of sheer, which is good for blending with the other yellows)
  • Julep Blake (light yellow for sun details)
  • Julep Paulette (light purple with golden shimmer – this color is basically Tangled in a bottle)

On my friend Emma, I condensed the design considerably and added a yellow glitter from Forever 21 (it’s too ancient to have a name) on top of the suns instead of the other yellows. I thought about putting it on myself, but I liked the creme-y look too much and left it without glitter.

The tutorial is below. I would really love some honest feedback on my tutorial in terms of ease-of-understanding, readability, overall look, and whatever else you can think of. Any feedback will be incorporated into future tutorials for sure. Enjoy!

Tangled Tutorial

I hope you have enjoyed the latest installment in my Disney series! I have two more designs to go before this series ends, but I probably will make more Disney designs beyond this bunch. Please let me know what you think of my tutorial in the comments or by message. I appreciate your feedback very much 🙂 Also, I’d like to remind my readers that my new Instagram (@emismanis) can be found in the right sidebar of my blog if you want to check out pictures of my manicures out and about in the world. Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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