Disney Series – Frozen Queen Elsa Glittery Snowflakes

Hi everyone! I finally got around to finishing my series of Disney-inspired nail art, which was prompted by a trip my friends and I took to Disneyland in July! A while ago, I offered to give each of my friends, plus myself, a manicure inspired by a Disney character of their choice before the trip – 5 designs in total. Unfortunately, I only managed to get three of the five planned designs done on their/my nails before heading off to Disneyland. But I’m featuring them all on myself on this blog because they’re all amazing (hence the series)! Previous designs were based on:

  1. Minnie Mouse
  2. Prince John from Robin Hood
  3. Tangled sun design
  4. Princess Anna from Frozen


In my last Disney Series post (Princess Anna), I said that the final manicure of the series was going to be about Queen Elsa from Frozen. Because how could you not do super glittery and shiny Queen Elsa nails? Think of the opportunities! Plus, she’s the trendiest thing Disney has come out with in recent history, so it’s almost a given that I was going to ride the seemingly unstoppable Frozen train for a little bit. So here they are:

Disney Frozen Elsa SnowflakesMy favorite part of Frozen was definitely all of the beautiful snowy visuals, from the ice palace to the snow-covered trees to the blizzards. I think Disney’s animation of the snowy sequences was superb! It was spectacular, and very well-executed. While the rest of the world seems infatuated with Elsa herself, I didn’t feel any affinity for her character when I was watching the movie. I feel like the movie left her really underdeveloped as a character and not very believable. I was not convinced by how well-adjusted and leader-like she seemed despite her 15-ish year-long solitary confinement, and her very sudden rejection of the years she was indoctrinated to think her ice powers were bad and out of control. How was she not more seriously traumatized after years and years of being in basically an extended time-out for a bad child? I hope Once Upon a Time does a great job of doing what Frozen didn’t with the character (I can’t wait for the season premiere!); maybe I’ll like Elsa more with their interpretation. Anyways, sparkly snowflakes loosely inspired by Frozen!

Frozen Elsa Comparison

“My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around!”

The nail polishes and supplies I used to make these sparkly snowflakes were:

  • Sally Hansen CSM Barracuda (light sky blue creme)
  • Sally Hansen CSM Tulle Kit (light blue glass fleck glitter)
  • Revlon Parfumerie Surf Spray (bright turquoise shimmer)
  • Sally Hansen CSM Blue My Mind (medium cobalt shimmer) – smells like skunk/weed…ugh…
  • Rainbow Honey Diamond Dust (silver holographic glitter in a purple shimmer base)
  • Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art White Striper polish (white creme)
  • Base coat and top coat
  • Makeup sponge
  • Scotch tape
  • Striper brush
  • Clear microbeads

Lots of polishes…for lots of sparkle and shine! I started off by painting my nails with base coat and two coats of Barracuda (not enough to make it opaque, but I was putting a gradient over it so it didn’t matter). I put on a coat of Tulle Kit to add some glitter. I then made the gradient on all nails by putting Tulle Kit, Surf Spray, and Blue My Mind on the makeup sponge, and pressing the sponge to my nails. This time, I taped off my cuticles with Scotch tape to make clean up easier and prevent staining. It worked really well! It substantially decreased my cleanup time compared to when I don’t use tape. A stitch in time saves nine for sure. After the gradient, I put on a coat of Rainbow Honey Diamond Dust to add the holographic sparkle and subtle purple shimmer. The shimmer didn’t translate because the gradient was overwhelming it, but the holographic glitter looks perfect! Not too much, but still noticeable. The gradient doesn’t show up quite as well in photos as it does in real life. I tried really hard to get it to look good on camera, but my pictures were like: nope! At least you can get an idea of it below:

Disney Frozen Elsa Blue Sparkly Gradient
I wore the gradient around for 2 days before putting on the snowflakes, which I freehanded using the white polish and the striper brush. This did take a lot of patience. While I tried to make all the snowflakes different, due to the resolution limit of the striper brush, there were only so many possibilities that I could think of doing. So the big snowflakes look different from each other, but the smaller ones look generally the same. Finally, for the accent nail, I put on the microbeads using a little bit of topcoat. This idea was better in my head than on my nails…I thought they would be more prominent. It looks OK but not as great as I wanted. Finally, I added a layer of topcoat (2 coats on the accent nail to lock in the microbeads) and I was done! I think it came out really well, and I’m pretty satisfied with the result. It is a bit awkward to have snowflakes on my nails in September (or snowflakes in San Francisco), but I don’t care all that much.

Disney Frozen Elsa Snowflakes 3

I also took a picture of my right hand, since the snowflakes are different between my left and right hands. You can start to see the polish lifting away from my thumb nail 😦 I usually get better wear out of my polishes than this, but I’ve been doing a lot of work with my hands recently, so I’m not surprised that my nail polish is suffering.

Disney Frozen Elsa Snowflakes Right
This design concludes my five-part Disney Series! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and the rest of the series (see the links at the top of the post for the other parts in the series). I’m sure I’ll do more Disney-related designs in the future, as I think of them. I’ve got some ideas on my agenda involving other movie/TV franchises, so you can expect those in the future. In the mean time, thanks for reading!

– Emi


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