Disney Princess Tiana Waterfall Nail Art

Disney Nail Art Tiana Dress Green Waterfall 6

Hi everyone! I’ve got some simple nail art today inspired by Disney’s Princess Tiana! I originally got the idea to do this when I was trying to pick a color to wear, and found myself drawn to light greens. Eventually, when I had settled on using Zoya Tiana to wear, I figured: why not just do some nail art with it? To emulate the dreamy, magical vibe of the swamp that the movie is set in, I decided to do a “waterfall” manicure with a few complimentary shades of green polish, plus some gold to set off the green.

Disney Nail Art Tiana Dress Green Waterfall 7

Clip art from Disneyclips.com

Clip art from Disneyclips.com

Tiana has one of my personal favorite Disney princess dresses, mostly because it’s green (which is my favorite color!). Also it’s beautifully flowy, floral, and demure. I thought a good way to translate the look of the dress into nail art would be to do a waterfall manicure, which is similarly flowy and delicate. It’s also an incredibly simple technique! Huzzah! While I don’t have a tutorial for how to do this nail art, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure it out from written instructions (also, if you Google “waterfall nails”, it shouldn’t be hard to find a tutorial). The polishes I used were:

  • Zoya Tiana (pastel bright cool green creme) – base color
  • Zoya Wednesday (slightly dusty medium blue-green creme) – waterfall
  • Zoya Giovanna (medium saturated bluish green shimmer) – waterfall
  • Zoya Severine (light muted gold metallic) – gold accents

I started off with two thick coats of Tiana as a base color, which is a very appealing shade of pastel green (probably best to do three coats, but I was doing nail art on top of it so I didn’t care too much about imperfections). Then, taking small dabs of Wednesday, Giovanna, and Severine with a tiny nail art brush, I swiped some small strokes of polish starting from my cuticle and then moving downwards. I varied the stroke length to get different heights of these swipes. This completed the “waterfall” part of the manicure. Yep, it’s pretty easy. To add a bit of a floral element to the nail art, I freehanded an abstract floral design near my cuticle using Severine and a nail art brush. I also used the brush to make tiny little streams of dots coming off of the flowers for some “magic”. And done!

Disney Nail Art Tiana Dress Green Waterfall 2

Disney Nail Art Tiana Dress Green Waterfall

This is so refreshing-looking for me, with all of these flowy lines and gorgeous greens! The Disney element is pretty subtle here, but I do think it looks like Tiana’s dress quite a bit. I’m pretty happy with the result – and it wasn’t that difficult either!

I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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