Swatch – Sally Hansen Cancer Moon

Sally Hansen Cancer Moon Swatch 6

Hi everyone! I have a quick swatch post today about a brand new polish for this season! Sally Hansen put out an entire collection with their Complete Salon Manicure line that was based off of the western zodiac. While I don’t care much for astrology, I still wanted to check it out because, well, nail polish. I ended up liking a number of the colors and may end up acquiring a few, but for now, I settled for just one: my zodiac sign! Cancer Moon appealed to me partly because it’s based off of my zodiac sign, and partly because it’s unique to my collection. It’s quite a nice, understated neutral with a bit of gleam to it that makes it special. This is definitely a great addition to my sparse collection of neutral polish!

Sally Hansen Cancer Moon Swatch 2

Sally Hansen Cancer Moon Swatch 8

More than anything, Sally Hansen Cancer Moon reminds me of beach sand. This polish is a light, yellow-toned beige with a bit of a “speckle” gold shimmer to it. What I mean by “speckle” is that the shimmer particles are on the large side and so you can see them when they’re not reflecting light, leading to a speckled appearance. Of course, this just makes the polish look even more like sand! As for the color, this is a very yellowy beige, and, while it looks alright on my olive-y skintone, this neutral probably isn’t for everyone. The shimmer here is not very prominent, and only comes out in direct lighting. But when it does come out, it’s quite lovely to see the golden “glow”.

The formula of this polish is absolutely fantastic! It’s wonderfully easy to apply, and reaches opacity in two easy coats. No complaints there!

Sally Hansen Cancer Moon Swatch 4

I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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