Dark Red Reverse Gradient Hearts

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Dark Red Reverse Gradient Hearts Nail Art

Today I’ve got some simple gradient nail art that, as you can probably guess, I was originally planning for Valentine’s Day, but didn’t get around to until now. It kind of turned out to be a #nailfail because the topcoat bubbled like crazy around the hearts, but I suppose it looks tolerable. At least I got to use a bunch of my all-time favorite red polishes, and it wasn’t all that difficult!

I used three red polishes to make the gradient:

  • OPI The Thrill of Brazil (medium saturated true red crème)
  • Revlon Colorstay – Velvet Rope (dark cool red crème)
  • Sally Hansen CSM – Angel Bite (very dark red crème)

I started off by painting my nails with base coat and two coats of OPI The Thrill of Brazil, which is my favorite red polish EVER. I followed up by painting on a gradient of all three polishes, going from light at my cuticles to dark at my free edges. I wore this around by itself for a few days just because it looked so fantastic. Look!

Dark Red Gradient Ombre Nail Art 3

Dark Red Gradient Ombre Nail Art 4

AAAAAHHHH I love it! It’s so dark and beautiful!

Eventually, I decided it was time for the reverse gradient hearts to happen, which kinda ruined the gradient unfortunately. I took pieces of Scotch tape, folded the ends down so they wouldn’t stick to each other, and then folded the tape in half. I then drew a half of a heart near the fold of the tape. Then, I cut out the heart shape with a scissors. I found it easiest to go around the curvy part by rotating the tape around as I was cutting, rather than to rotate the scissors around. Once the heart was cut out, I peeled apart the tape VERY slowly (don’t go too fast!) to get a heart cutout, which I then stuck on my nails. After I positioned it, I sponged another gradient on top of the heart right over the tape, with the darkest color on top and the lightest on the bottom (the opposite of the original gradient). I had to sponge it over a few times, and supplement the lightest color with a brush, but it worked!

Reverse Gradient Hearts Graphic

Finally I removed the tape to reveal the reverse gradient! I chose to do only my middle and ring fingers, since I didn’t want all my fingers to have the hearts. It looked so nice!

…and then I promptly ruined it by applying topcoat. I mean, it’s not the worst thing that’s ruined my manicures, but topcoat bubbles do irritate me immensely.

Dark Red Reverse Gradient Hearts Nail Art 2

Dark Red Reverse Gradient Hearts Nail Art 3

Yeah, the bubbling killed all the love I had for this gradient. Oh well. Maybe I’ll revive the idea next year for Valentine’s Day, and not ruin my hard work with a bubbly topcoat.

Still pretty, though 🙂

I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks so much for reading!

– Emi


7 thoughts on “Dark Red Reverse Gradient Hearts

  1. Rachel says:

    Very cool! Any chance of you doing a how-to on gradients sometime? I’ve managed cool texture-gradient effects but not a real gradient. Is the key in using makeup wedges? I tried mine with Q-tips.


    • emismanis says:

      Sure, I can do a gradient tutorial sometime; thanks for the suggestion. I always use makeup sponges to get things even with gradients- that seems to be the way to get things nice and even.


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