Purple Textured Half Moon Manicure

Hi everyone! I have a quick two-color nail art design of textured half moons to show you all today while I’m prepping a large post set to come out soon! In a spur-of-the-moment burst of creativity, I combined two Julep purples – Joanne and Glam Roc – to get this textured half moon design. Considering that not much planning went into this, I think it worked pretty well! The two purples are great together, and a half moon design is a nice way to incorporate textured polishes into nail art.

Julep Purple Textured Half Moons Joanne Glam RocAs you may know, I’m in the process of destashing some of my collection, and so far I’ve accumulated around 70 or so bottles to get rid of for various reasons. I put them all in a box, brought it over to my family’s house, and let my friend Kimi and my sister dig through and pick out whatever they wanted because sharing is awesome πŸ™‚ . A few days ago, while I was visiting my family, I really wanted to paint my nails but had no idea what to do. Since I was away from the vast majority of my collection, the only option was to look through the destash box and figure something out. I pulled out Julep Joanne and Glam Roc from the box (they were in there because I had two of each, and I didn’t feel like I needed two) and decided to go from there. But, what to do?

So I came up with this half moon design! While it may not be especially unique, the colors are fantastic and it was pretty quick to do.

I started with a base of Julep Joanne, which is a medium-dark dusty purple creme. The first coat goes on a little patchily, but two coats finishes it off nicely. Putting this polish on my fingers convinced me that this shade of purple is seriously underrated; it may not have the flashy appeal of glitters, but it looks amazing on! I think it’s because it has just the right mix of saturation and dustiness to be fabulous, yet toned-down. Also, it works really well with my skintone. This could be one of my favorite purple polishes actually! Maybe I’ll keep both bottles… πŸ˜‰

Julep Joanne Swatch

Julep Joanne Swatch 2

After applying topcoat to the base color, I proceeded to freehand the half moons using Julep Glam Roc – a dark blue-purple shimmery textured polish with golden flecks. I could have done this with a sticker as a guide, but I didn’t have any with me so I just painted them on with a brush. I’m not sure I did an especially good job of painting it on because I didn’t get as much of a textured effect as I was expecting (which could be because I didn’t put enough polish on?). All the same, it does give a matte textured effect.

Julep Purple Textured Half Moons Joanne Glam Roc 4

Julep Purple Textured Half Moons Joanne Glam Roc 3This combination of polishes is awfully nice, and I like the half moon design a lot. If I was going to do this again, though, I might add another color in as an accent, since the design seems like it’s missing “something”. Maybe outlining the half moon with a metallic color? Or making some dots around it? Anyways, this is quite pleasing to me.

I hope you’ve liked my post! Stay tuned for a large post coming soon! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

– Emi


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