Julep Swatches – Phia and Phoebe

Hi everyone! I’m back after a week and a half of not posting with some random Julep swatches. I wasn’t very inspired to make fancy nail art, so I just wore single colors for a little bit. I find that wearing single colors is a refreshing change from crazy complicated designs. And with these two colors, wearing them by themselves was far from boring.

Julep Phia is a new color for this month (June 2014) that is an orchid-to-grey duochrome fleck metallic. The polish overall shifts from an orchid purple in the center to a tan/grey at the edges, and the individual flecks themselves reflect a variety of colors including green, pink, and gold (this can be seen in certain lightings). Visually, it is very intriguing. Moreover, the polish was very easy to apply and covered in three coats. The best thing about Phia, though, is how well it disguises tip wear. These photos are from Day 5 of this manicure, and you can barely tell that there is tip wear. Overall I highly recommend it.


Next is Julep Phoebe, which was released a few months ago (April 2014). I wore Phoebe previously in a nail art design with its companion  Sunny, but wearing it on its own shows how truly spectacular it is. WOW. Phoebe is a very saturated blue-green (slightly bluer than emerald green) polish with a chrome finish, and it is VERY shiny. My photos don’t capture how vibrant the color is, so you’ll just have to believe me that it is amazing. In terms of application, it is easy to apply, but due to the chrome finish, can show some brushstrokes. It covers perfectly in two coats. Another great choice from Julep.


I hope you enjoyed my swatches. I intend to post again tonight with some nail art featuring Julep (I am really on a Julep kick here) so stay tuned!



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