Reflection Post: My Right Hand (Cinderella Hand)

Hi everyone! I thought I’d take a look back today at the pictures I have of my dominant hand, which usually isn’t seen on the blog. As you can probably tell, I am right-handed, and so almost all of the pictures I take and post on the blog are of my non-dominant left hand. Obviously, this is because it’s easier for me to paint and photograph my left hand than my right. All the same, I usually do the same nail design on my right hand because I wear my manicures for on average around five days, and it would bother me if my hands looked significantly different from each other. If I did a really difficult design on my right hand, then I’ll take a picture of it as some sort of “proof” of my triumph. Over time, I’ve collected a bunch of these pictures and now have enough of them to post. I’ve decided to show them side-by-side with my left hand so you can see the differences.

Left-Right Comparison Feathers
I’ve heard that some nail bloggers refer to their dominant hand as their “Cinderella hand” because it does all of the work and gets none of the glory. Well, here today, my Cinderella hand can get the glory it deserves!

These are two manicures I did before starting my blog, though I have had them in the gallery since the beginning. The mixed geometric one on the bottom got different patterns on each nail.

Left-Right Comparison Pre-Blog
My second blog post about this cactus manicure does have a picture of my right hand in it; I’m posting it again so you can see it. I opted not to do the cow skull accent on my right hand because that was just too difficult.

Left-Right Comparison Cactus
Both hands got Disney-fied! My right hand also got the Tangled sun, Princess Anna, and Queen Elsa designs.

Left-Right Comparison Disney
The nail design that was most different between my left and right hands was the Julep rose vines manicure. I retained a similar “look” overall while writing different words on each hand. My left hand spells “family” and my right spells “love”.

Left-Right Comparison Rose Vines
Here are a couple of autumn-themed designs for which I took pictures of my right hand. I  decided to mirror the left and right hands in the first branched design. The middle design with the pumpkins has one less pumpkin on my right hand. The last one with the scary trees might be missing a pair of eyes on my thumb, but I can’t tell anymore.

Left-Right Comparison Fall
Lastly, I have a few of my most recent designs: the blue swirls design and the thyroid disease awareness butterflies! Someone on Instagram wondered what my right hand of the swirls manicure looked like so I updated my original post to include a picture of it. My right hand did get the same design, but there are fewer lines going into the swirls and they’re not quite as tidy-looking. I was sleepy, OK?

Yep, my right hand gets some love too. Like I said, it would bother me if my hands were different from each other, and I consider it well worth my time to make them the same.

I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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