Nail Art – Muted Pink Florals

Hi everyone! I’m back with some new nail art that fits into the summer-to-fall transitional category, since it’s almost autumn. While I’m not ready to let go of summer (I never am, really), I know that I have to move on into the new season eventually – why not with nail art? Fall is definitely the best season for nail art anyways. So I did these elegant, muted pink florals with the beginning of autumn in mind.

Nail Art Muted Rose Florals 6There was no particular inspiration behind this nail art, it just sort of “happened”. I started off with a base of Julep Jodie, and went from there.

Julep Jodie Swatch 6

Julep Jodie Swatch 4

Isn’t this polish gorgeous? Jodie is a muted, dark, warm pink with a gold shimmer to it – THIS is the kind of pink I can get behind! I needed three coats to cover up some bald spots, but two got this polish almost to opacity.

After wearing Julep Jodie around for a day, I wasn’t ready to take it off (it was way too pretty). I decided to do some nail art on top of it to enhance the look, but not cover up so much of the base. And that’s when I chose to do florals! I guess I was inspired by the “splash florals” that some nail artists do (The Lacquerologist is especially great), even though this isn’t at all the same thing. My idea was to have an outline of a flower near my cuticle, and then fill in the outline with a gradation, adding some small metallic details at the end.

Nail Art Muted Rose Florals

To do this nail art, I started off with my base of Julep Jodie (1). Using a small brush, I painted on the outline of the flower near my cuticle using Pop-Arazzi Frosted Fairytale (2). Then for the gradation, I put a tiny dab of polish on my small brush, dipped my brush in acetone for 5 seconds, and dabbed the diluted polish on beneath the outline (3). The acetone helps to wash off most of the polish on the brush, leaving behind diluted traces of polish that are super sheer and can be layered to get the gradient effect. I did this dipping process a few times to get the diluted polish to layer well and blend in with itself, yielding the gradient effect I wanted. If you want to try this process, I’d recommend a polish that’s already somewhat sheer to begin with (opaque in three or more coats), since that most likely will give a better gradient. Finally, I added the metallic details with Julep Soleil and a small brush (4). And done!

Nail Art Muted Pink Florals

These florals look so gorgeous and elegant! I love how they’re just a small amount of nail art around the edges of my nails, and not an all over design (sometimes that’s nice). And, of course, the combination of pinks looks great.

Nail Art Muted Rose Florals 5

Nail Art Muted Rose Florals 8

I hope you’ve liked my post! Hopefully I’ll be able to get all my subscription box posts done soon! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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