Swatch – Enchanted Polish Daydream

Hi everyone! While I’m busy preparing my subscription box posts for the month, in the meantime, I have a swatch of Enchanted Polish Daydream to show off on the blog. Enchanted Polish is an indie brand with a cult-like following around it that is so intense, it is only possible to purchase bottles within a few hours every couple of weeks or from resellers. Up until now, I hadn’t bought into the hype surrounding the brand because I hadn’t seen anything from them that I felt was worth the expense and the difficulty. But then I saw pictures of Daydream and I was so smitten that I eventually bought a bottle from a reseller at a fairly reasonable price. And so, without further ado, I now present a swatch of the most expensive nail polish I own!

Enchanted Polish Daydream Swatch 6Usually, when it comes to buying polish, I try to pay less than $7 or $8 per bottle, $10 is my upper limit in most cases. So Enchanted Polish is obviously way out of that range, at $16 per bottle from the site (and around $20 from resellers because of supply and demand). Luckily for me, I managed to find a listing on a swap group for a minimally used bottle that was slightly under $15 – and I jumped! It was probably the best deal I could find for something I really wanted, and I’m glad I got it because it is GORGEOUS!!!

Enchanted Polish Daydream Swatch 2

Enchanted Polish Daydream Swatch 3

Daydream is a light, greenish turquoise polish with a color-shifting shimmer and a subtle holographic effect. Color-wise, this polish can’t seem to decide whether it wants to be blue or green. As I wore it around in different lighting, it appeared bluer when under warm, indoor lighting and greener when outdoors; this ambiguity earned it several amusing WTHs from my family. Overall I’d say it’s more blue than green, slightly warm toned, and a bit muted. The fleck-like, color-shifting (pink-to-gold) shimmer gives a lot of dimension to the polish, imbuing it with a somewhat crystallic quality. And, of course, you have the subtle holographic effect going on for extra awesomeness! I’m quite mesmerized ❤

Enchanted Polish Daydream Swatch 8

Enchanted Polish Daydream Swatch 4

This polish really does remind me of daydreaming that I’m at the beach – with shimmering turquoise waters hit by the golden sun, and glistening beach glass on the shore catching the light. I can almost smell the salt in the air!

I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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