SquareHue June 2015 Swatches, Comparisons, and Nail Art

Hi everyone! I’m back with the new SquareHue box for June 2015, which was inspired by the 1950s! This is most definitely the nail polish box that is getting me 100% geared up for summer – you really can’t go wrong with fun, bright cremes like this. Just looking at these colors makes me want to sit down in the backyard and drink some ice cold, homemade lemonade (one of my favorite summer activities 😀 ). I got such an upbeat and fun vibe that I ended up using the three polishes to do some awesome tropical nail art, complete with palm fronds and flowers. A little Elvis in Hawaii, maybe?

SquareHue June 2015 Nail Art Tropical Floral Palm Fronds 6

With this latest installment of the Decades Collection, SquareHue has now reached the midway point of the year, so I thought it’d be fun to take a look back at my blog posts about the first half of the collection. At the end of this post, I have links to each of the posts, and a bunch of photo grids!

SquareHue June 2015 Swatches CompositeHere’s an unboxing photo! Included were three bright creme polishes that are really fun and happy. They look fab together for sure – I was very excited when I got this box! When I swatched the collection and did the nail art, I tried as best as I could to get in the spirit of the decade; I immediately played a bunch of ’50s rock-and-roll (mostly Elvis) and watched Sunset Boulevard and Some Like It Hot. If you haven’t watched Some Like It Hot yet, you should run out, find it, and watch it, like, NOW because it is HILAROUS!!!

SquareHue June 2015 Unboxing

Bel Air is THE blue nail polish to have, as far as I’m concerned. This sky blue creme is an absolutely perfect color for the start of summer: it’s light, saturated, and happy. To me it looks exactly like a cloudless summer sky at noon – mesmerizing. As far as this shade of blue goes, it’s neither warm- nor cool-toned, and it’s not at all dusty or muted. Purely a stunning true blue. The formula of this polish is equally awesome: two easy-to-apply, creamy coats gets to full opacity. Just when I think I own every blue creme polish that I could possibly want, SquareHue came out with Bel Air and it’s completely unlike anything else I have. As such, I have nothing to compare to it.

SquareHue June 2015 Swatches Bel Air 4

SquareHue June 2015 Swatches Bel Air

Palm Springs is another joyfully bright polish from this collection that just screams “SUMMER!!!” to me. This bold, saturated yellow-green crelly is very lush and tropical, but, more importantly, is really fun to wear. Color-wise, it’s definitely a warm-toned “parrot” green that, luckily, doesn’t look too jarring against my skintone. Out of the three polishes in this box, Palm Springs is the most sheer, and requires three coats to become completely opaque. Just like the others, though, it is easy to apply.

SquareHue June 2015 Swatches Palm Springs 2

SquareHue June 2015 Swatches Palm Springs 7

Nothing I have in my stash is that similar to SquareHue Palm Springs, but I did compare it to Julep Francis (much more muted, lighter, and less warm-toned) and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Green With Envy (much lighter, less saturated). Both of those polishes were opaque in two coats, whereas Palm Springs required three.

SquareHue Palm Springs Comparison

Sock Hop is 100% a Barbie pink nail polish that is a great complement to the other two polishes in this collection, keeping with the other bright, tropical creme colors. It makes complete sense to put a Barbie pink in the 1950s box because Barbie came into existence in 1959, which is why I’m calling this specific color “Barbie pink”. This shade of pink leans cool-toned, and is not at all dusty or muted. As far as pinks go, Sock Hop is not at all “me”, but, hey, there’s a first time for everything! The formula of this polish is similar to Bel Air: you get full creme coverage in two easy-to-apply coats.

SquareHue June 2015 Swatches Sock Hop 3

SquareHue June 2015 Swatches Sock Hop 2

I compared SquareHue Sock Hop to Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Rosy Outlook (darker, more muted, more red) and Julep Marcella (dustier, more purple). Neither one was that similar, but I thought I’d include the comparison anyways.

SquareHue Sock Hop Comparison

With this box of polishes, I was inspired by the fun, tropical vibe I was getting – as if I was just WAITING for summer to happen – and, of course, one of the polishes was named Palm Springs (you can probably see where this is going…). So I decided to use the polishes to make some summery nail art of palm fronds and flowers against a blue background. It’s just exactly what I wanted to start my summer off with! I realized that the design would need a few more colors than just the three that came in the box, but I really liked the idea and didn’t want to do something else. In the end, I added two more polishes from earlier boxes in the SquareHue Decades Collection – War Crinoline (muted sage green) from February and Boardgame (bright reddish orange) from April – to make the design perfect.

SquareHue June 2015 Nail Art Tropical Floral Palm Fronds 3

SquareHue June 2015 Nail Art Tropical Floral Palm Fronds 4

I don’t have a step-by-step for this design, so you’ll have to follow along with my written instructions. To begin, I started with a background of two coats of Bel Air, which gave me a nice sky blue background. I made the palm fronds using a small striper brush and Palm Springs, first making the backbone of the fronds and then the individual leaves coming out of the backbone. Design-wise, I made about three fronds or partial fronds on my main three nails, four on my thumb, and two on my pinky. Because Palm Springs is a bit sheer, I had to go over the fronds twice to reach full opacity. I added a stripe of SquareHue War Crinoline to the backbone and a small swipe at the base of each leaf to add dimension to the fronds. Finally, I placed flowers randomly on each nail using a dotting tool and Sock Hop, with a dot of Boardgame in the middle to make a center. And done!

SquareHue June 2015 Nail Art Tropical Floral Palm Fronds 7

SquareHue June 2015 Nail Art Tropical Floral Palm Fronds 8

THIS. IS. SO. PERFECT!!!! As in: it’s the perfect nail art for my mood! I am absolutely delighted by this design, and, honestly, I like it so much I might even do it again just because I want to keep it on for longer than its lifetime. I LOVE the way the flowers and the palm fronds pop against the gorgeous blue background – this is why I can’t wait for summer to start!!!

As promised, I have my look back at the first half of the SquareHue Decades Collection for you! First, I’ve got composites of all of the swatches I did for the collection:

SquareHue Decades Collection Part 1 Swatches Grid

Below are all of the blog posts:

I also made this neat-o grid of my Instagram photos of the nail art I did for the collection, which will be on Instagram soon!

SquareHue Decades Collection Part 1 Nail Art Grid

Since I’m subscribed for the whole year, I’ll do this again for the second half of the collection, and then the entirety of the Decades Collection.

I hope you’ve liked my post and the first half of the SquareHue Decades Collection! Thanks for reading!

– Emi

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