Nail Art – Pink and Rose Gold French Tips

Hi everyone! I’ve got another nail art post for you before I move onto the big stuff coming up soon! I know I haven’t gotten around to doing the second part of my blogiversary posts yet, and also my Julep box post from this month (most likely that won’t make it in by the end of the month unfortunately). But at least I’ve got something going in the meantime!

Pink and Rose Gold French Tips 6

This weekend I went to an AMAAAAZING gem and jewelry show that had so many fascinating sparkly and shiny objects that the whole experience bordered on sensory overload – it’s THAT glittery. Of course, when you attend a jewelry show, it’s best to keep your outfit as plain and simple as possible in order to make the jewelry stand out more, and so I made a conscious effort to keep my nails on the toned-down side for the show. I’ve been feeling the muted pastel peach/pink colors in the past few days (my taste in nail polish really changes with my mood), and so I ended up doing very dainty French tips in a super feminine pink/rose gold color combo, which was absolutely perfect for the show: simple with just a little shine.

Pink and Rose Gold French Tips 7

Like I said before, I’ve recently been drawn to pale peach or pink colors, and settled on using Julep Phyllis for my next manicure. But I felt that it alone wasn’t enough and so I added on French tips in rose gold (Julep Soleil). While this color combo looks fabulous, it’s also very uncharacteristically feminine for me, especially since I usually shy away from the color pink. Why not, though? It’s always good to try something new!

I don’t have much to say about the technique for doing this mani because it’s pretty straightforward. I started off with two coats of Phyllis, which is a warm-toned muted pastel pink creme, and then freehanded on metallic rose gold French tips using Soleil. That’s it! Nothing fancy here, just simple and pretty nail art. The only thing I intentionally tried to do was to make the French tips really small and thin, and to have them conform to my free edge.

Pink and Rose Gold French Tips 8

Pink and Rose Gold French Tips 2

I really enjoyed wearing this mani – my nails looked sooooo classy and gorgeous. The fun part for me was moving my nails around to get the metallic tips to catch the light and shine just a bit. All the same, it was kinda weird seeing pink on my nails over the several days I had this mani on. Still, this was nice and simple nail art and I’m not complaining 🙂

I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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