Nail Art – Dark Gradient with Metallic Greek Key Pattern

Hi everyone! Sorry about my absence in the past two weeks; I’ve been feeling some “burnout” and felt too exhausted to do nail art/write posts. Anyhow, I’m back with some nail art that I was originally going to post after the second part of my blogiversary thing, but  I’ve been procrastinating on getting that post done so I figured I might as well put this up first.  I’ve been in a rather glum mood recently and the weather’s been nasty, so I’ve been drawn to a lot of dark, moody colors (Julep Elise is my <3) and ultimately decided to try one of the dark-colored nail art ideas that I hadn’t gotten around to. I was inspired by Julep’s metamorphic topcoats to create this (undesirably) subtle dark blue-to-green gradient that I accented with a bit of shiny gold polish in a Greek key pattern. While it didn’t turn out like how I originally intended, I’m still drawn to its dark glamor.

Dark Gradient Greek Key Julep Metamorphic 6The inspiration for this nail art came from me trying to think of things to do with the metamorphic topcoats (Julep Bjork and Tilda), since I wanted to find ways to maximize their potential. I eventually had the idea to do a gradient with them on top of black, so I started off with two coats of black (Julep Jet) and then sponged Tilda (green) and Bjork (blue) on top. As I soon found out, Tilda is way more sparkly and shimmery than Bjork, resulting in the gradient looking more prominently green than blue. I did have to put in some extra effort (and polish) to get the gradient looking evenly green and blue. I don’t have a picture of the gradient alone, but I’m sure you can imagine it pretty well from my other photos.

Unfortunately, no matter what I did, the two polishes are awfully close in color and so distinguishing that there was a gradient on my nails (as opposed to just green/teal polish) was nearly impossible in real life :/ At least it kinda sorta shows up in photos…

Dark Gradient Greek Key Julep Metamorphic 3

Regardless of the indiscernible gradient, I still wanted to finish off the nail art, and decided to add some gold polish in order to do so. Since I wanted something geometric, I settled on a Greek key pattern and used Julep Savoy to paint it on down the length of each nail. Now THIS I was happy with.

I think the Greek key pattern really “makes” this nail art – it needed something glam but a bit reserved, and the pattern was exactly that. I really enjoyed how the touch of gold looked against the dark shimmer.

Dark Gradient Greek Key Julep Metamorphic 2
Dark Gradient Greek Key Julep Metamorphic 8

I hope you’ve liked my post! While it may not seem like it sometimes, I am aiming to post more frequently than before – I just get really tired from life sometimes and then it results in me being too exhausted to blog. Just bear with me! Anyways, thanks for reading!

– Emi


4 thoughts on “Nail Art – Dark Gradient with Metallic Greek Key Pattern

  1. Rachel says:

    That’s so gorgeous! It looks a bit more silver than gold, but so what. 🙂

    I always love to see your posts, but I completely understand busyness. Don’t worry about it!


    • emismanis says:

      Thanks so much! Haha yeah it really isn’t that gold, is it?

      Aww thanks ❤ Things have been rather exhausting for me recently, so I haven't been posting as much as I want to. I appreciate it very much that my readers have stuck around 🙂


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