SquareHue April 2015 Swatches, Comparisons, and Nail Art

Hi everyone! Today I (finally) have my SquareHue April 2015 box to show off on the blog! Things on my blog have been a bit backlogged for me these past few months, but this month I’m hoping to cram both subscription box posts in like I want to, rather than dropping the ball like last month…eventually I’ll get back on track with my blog posts…eventually…

SquareHue April 2015 Nail Art Gradient Lines 6

Anyways, back to SquareHue! This April box full of bright, happy colors is supposed to represent the next installment in the Decades Collection: the 1930s. Never in my mind would I have associated the era of the Great Depression with bright, happy colors, but I don’t mind whatsoever because I love this box! These are my kind of colors for sure – I love brights!

SquareHue April 2015 CompositeHere’s an unboxing photo! I was all OOOOOHHHH when I opened this box because I was not expecting these gorgeous bright creme colors to show up! Also, this is one of the few months where I didn’t spoil the box for myself 🙂

SquareHue April 2015 Unboxing

Boardgame was the color that I immediately gravitated towards, and is probably my favorite of the whole collection. This bright, saturated reddish orange is right in line with my obsession with all things red-orange this spring; seriously, I am all over this shade right now. It looks PHENOMENAL and I LOVE it! While I’ve heard this polish described as red, to me it looks decidedly on the reddish side of orange in the bottle and against my skintone. It’s bright and loud and beautiful! As for the formula of Boardgame, it’s quite crelly-ish, and takes three coats to become mostly opaque. While this polish is mostly pretty easy to apply, it does have some patchiness issues when applying the second or third coat, so it’s helpful to let each coat dry completely before applying the next.

SquareHue April 2015 Swatches Boardgame

SquareHue April 2015 Swatches Boardgame 2

Okay, so, I tried my hardest to get a photo of SquareHue Boardgame compared to Zoya Rocha, but I wasn’t satisfied with any of the ones I took and therefore I’m not posting any comparison for Boardgame. Just FYI: they aren’t dupes. Also, SquareHue Boardgame might be a dupe forthe new Victoria Beckham for Nails Inc. Judo Red (which I saw in Sephora), although I don’t have a picture of that either because I didn’t compare the two side-by-side. Sorry!

Tomorrowland is another fabulous color from this box that I absolutely adore. While I initially didn’t pay much attention to it (well, Boardgame kinda stole the show for me), it’s actually a pretty great purple color that I’ll probably be wearing over and over again. This particular shade of light-medium purple leans warm, which makes it look great against my skintone. Compared to the other two colors in this box, it’s less vibrant and more “dusty”, but it still looks pretty bright. As for the formula, Tomorrowland has a great crème formula that glides on smoothly in two coats. No complaints there!

SquareHue April 2015 Swatches Tomorrowland 2

SquareHue April 2015 Swatches Tomorrowland

Surprisingly, SquareHue Tomorrowland is the most unique color to my stash out of the polishes in this collection. Zoya Perrie is much lighter, and slightly warmer and brighter. Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine is significantly darker and pinker.

SquareHue April 2015 Tomorrowland Comparison

WPA is a polish that falls into the seafoam green color family that I have been seeing EVERYWHERE this spring. I feel like everywhere I look, people are wearing clothes of this color, or nail polish of this color, or something with this color. It’s lovely, but I’m just not feeling this shade right now compared to red-orange. Anyways, this shade of bright, seafoam/turquoise-y green is a fun color to wear, and it looks pretty good with my skintone. This polish is quite bright, and not at all “dusty”. WPA has a similar easy-to-apply crème formula to Tomorrowland, but is slightly more opaque.

SquareHue April 2015 Swatches WPA

SquareHue April 2015 Swatches WPA 2

SquareHue WPA is the most dupe-y polish for me out of the bunch. It’s highly similar to both Zoya Wednesday and OPI My Dogsled Is a Hybrid, although it’s not an exact dupe for either one. All three polishes are bright seafoam green crèmes,

SquareHue April 2015 WPA Comparison

I felt like doing something fun and geometric with the polishes from this SquareHue box, and I eventually decided to do some punchy gradient lines against a solid background. Given these colors, I felt like a gradient of Boardgame and Tomorrowland would be the most punchy against a background of WPA, so I went with that arrangement.
I started by painting my nails with three coats of Boardgame, and then making a gradient on top of that with Boardgame and Tomorrowland. Here’s what that looked like:

SquareHue April 2015 Nail Art Gradient 4

SquareHue April 2015 Nail Art Gradient 3

It was quite pretty just by itself, but I wanted to do nail art on top of it. To make the stenciled lines, I used some striping tape to block off where I wanted the lines, and I also marked the order in which I’d placed the tape. It’s important to know which strips of tape to remove first so that you don’t mess up the layer of polish that you put on top of the stencil. Once I placed all the tape, I painted over my entire nail with WPA, and then quickly pulled off each line of tape in the reverse order in which I’d placed it (so, I removed the last piece first, etc.). That’s pretty much it, although it’s also important to note that topcoat can pretty easily smudge this design if you swipe it with too strong of a stroke. A dabbing technique works better here.

SquareHue April 2015 Nail Art Gradient Lines 2

I opted to paint only my middle and ring fingers with this design since I wanted to keep the gradient on some of my nails. I’m not sure about whether that was the best idea design-wise because I get pretty uncomfortable with accent nails in general (if you haven’t noticed in my nail art). Usually, the “accent nails” I do aren’t full-on a different color, they’re just a slightly different version of what’s on the rest of my nails (see: here and here). This is quite a departure from style for me! Maybe I should try this more often to see if I can “get” accent nails…

Well, I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


5 thoughts on “SquareHue April 2015 Swatches, Comparisons, and Nail Art

  1. Rachel says:

    Fun idea!

    I think I heard that a lot of the colors of the ’30s actually were very bright–Depression glassware, for example–sort of to give people a contrast from what was going on at the time.


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