Swatches – Different Dimension Tulips Are Better Than One and Julep Marla

Hi everyone! I sincerely apologize for the lack of blog posts recently. The truth is: I’ve been sick with a really bad cold since my last blog post over a week and a half ago. Between having a fever for a few days, frequent coughing fits, losing my voice for 5 days, and difficulty sleeping, my “energy” for painting my nails (much less nail art) was completely sapped. On the bright side, I’m FINALLY starting to get better after what feels like forever, and I’m back to posting! I know I missed at least one blog post that’s usually a monthly feature on my blog (you probably know what it is), but I hope to get back on track soon and finish up all the things I got behind on when I was sick. Anyways, to any of my readers who have stuck around, thank you so very much for continuing to read my blog ❤

Different Dimension Tulips Are Better Than One

Today I have two swatches of some random polishes I wore while I was sick. The first is Different Dimension Tulips Are Better Than One – a really fabulous bright “blurple” (blue-purple) duochrome shimmer – and the second is the polish I picked to wear on the first night of Passover: Julep Marla. Unlike the majority of the posts where I show swatches of polish, these two don’t really have any relationship to each other. But, still, I thought I’d combine them into one blog post since my swatch posts are pretty short.

Julep Marla Swatch

I wore Different Dimension Tulips Are Better Than One around for several days, and it was STUNNING. You can’t really get much more fabulosity than a saturated blurple duochrome like this! Even though the overall polish ends up looking really blue, the base color of this polish is more of a bluish purple (on the purple side of blurple). And then there’s this super intense turquoise shimmer that’s got a bit of a color shift to it, where it looks more violet when viewed at an angle. SO GORGEOUS!!! It did take me three coats to get to this level of coverage, but it looks so amazing that I don’t really care.


I did try to get pictures of the color shift using a new lamp that I bought to act as a second lighting source. See:


Eventually, I did have to take off the Different Dimension polish because it was getting really outgrown, but also because the first night of Passover was coming up and I wanted a different polish for that. Enter Julep Marla:

Julep Marla Swatch 2

I picked Julep Marla to wear during Passover because it reminds me of Manischewitz – no joke. Seriously, with this kind of dark purple-y red, this color totally Jewish holiday-appropriate! L’Chaim! While I didn’t have much fun during the Seder because I had no voice, and therefore couldn’t join in on “Dayenu” or anything, I at least got into the spirit with my Manischewitz nails. Given the likeness of Julep Marla to Manischewitz in my mind, I would describe this color as being very similar to red wine in terms of its darkness and its purple-tinged red color. Like most Julep polishes, the formula was a little thick but workable, and I got to full coverage in two painless coats.

Julep Marla Swatch 3

My nails are freakishly long in the photos of Julep Marla because I was too exhausted to file them. It looked kinda neat to have them this long, but I didn’t enjoy it much because I wasn’t used to having the functionality of my fingers impaired by this much nail.

That’s all I’ve got for now! I hope you’ve liked my post! Again, I’m sorry for having this much of a gap go between posts, but I really was quite exhausted and it was difficult for me to do very much while being sick. Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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