Swatch – Glitter Gal Love Bite

Hi everyone! I have a quick swatch for you today of a GORGEOUS red holographic nail polish by Glitter Gal called Love Bite. I chose this polish to wear for a bit because I was feeling in the mood for red polish, and wanted something “special”; this one definitely fits the bill! The particular medium, warm red of this polish really suits my skintone and the strong holographic effect is just so mesmerizing – I love it!

Glitter Gal Love Bite SwatchGlitter Gal Love Bite Swatch 2
As far as reds go, like I said before, this one is on the warm side of red kind of like, well, blood. This polish, after all, is named “Love Bite”. So, yeah, this is a blood red nail polish with an absolutely stunning holographic finish! The best part about this polish, though, is that it covers nicely in two to three coats (I applied three to enhance the depth, but it was mostly opaque by two), and has a pretty painless application!

Glitter Gal Love Bite Swatch 3The holographic finish is definitely very pronounced in this polish; hopefully you can tell from my photos. It’s way more holographic than most of the other holo polishes I’ve tried (not that I’ve tried that many) and, as you can imagine, this resulted in me staring at my hands a lot and moving them around to see the rainbows dance all over them. Aahhh this is so amazing!
Glitter Gal Love Bite Swatch 4
I don’t really have much more to say about this polish. The pictures speak for themselves!

I hope you’ve liked my post! Stay tuned for more nail art coming soon! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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