SquareHue February 2015 Swatches, Comparisons, and Nail Art

SquareHue February 2015 Nail Art Rose French Tips

Hi everyone! I know it’s the end of the month, but it’s still February so here today I have my February 2015 SquareHue box to show you all! As the second installment in the decades collection, this month’s box represents the 1910s. While I really loved last month’s box, this one was kind of a let down for me in a few ways. I definitely wasn’t as excited about it as the other boxes I’ve gotten, but I suppose they can’t all be winners. At least the colors made for some pretty great nail art! I used all the polishes to make this gradient French tip with roses design, which is super adorable and feminine. I loved it so much that I did a mini-tutorial at the end!

SquareHue February 2015 Swatches Composite

Here’s an unboxing photo! My box arrived rather late this month for some reason; I got it on the 7th, when I usually get it on the 1st of every month right on the dot. Even Julep arrived sooner! How weird. Ah well, at least it got here.

SquareHue February 2015 Unboxing

Kewpies 1910 is a very saturated and very pale cool pink creme that’s kind of crelly-ish (creme-jelly). I can see why this color might be reminiscent of a porcelain doll, given how sweet it is. Color-wise, it’s a very sugary light pink that’s perfect for looking fun and delicate at the same time. It’s not so pale that you could mistake it for white, like Julep Fifi – you can definitely tell that it’s pink. While it doesn’t look amazing with my skintone, I’m sure that this particular shade of light pink would suit someone. The formula is pretty decent for a pastel polish: it took me three coats to reach full opacity, and the polish was relatively easy to apply. Overall, it’s a nice color, and I’ll probably use it sometime when I want a really pale pink. Out of all the polishes this month, this one is probably my favorite.

SquareHue February 2015 Swatches Kewpies 2

SquareHue February 2015 Swatches Kewpies 3

I don’t have an exact dupe for Kewpies in my stash, but I did compare it to two other light pinks. OPI Kiss on the Chic is darker, warmer, and more sheer, and Wet n Wild Tickled Pink is darker and warmer. Like I mentioned before, Julep Fifi (not shown) is far lighter in color, and is nowhere near a dupe for Kewpies. Yay no dupes!

SquareHue Kewpies Comparison

Tunic 1912 is a peachy pink sheer polish that I wanted to love, but I don’t. The color, at least, is wonderful! This particular shade of peach is really cute and playful, and I loved how it looked on my fingers. I imagine that it would look great as an everyday color. BUT it took me four coats to get to this opacity! Four coats!!! Sure, it was nice and easy to apply, but I’m not going to paint on four coats of a polish just to get to a level where it’s mostly opaque (yeah, four coats and it’s still not fully opaque). This one is a dud for me for that reason alone. I can’t imagine wanting to wear it as a sheer polish, so I highly doubt I’ll want to use this one again. Shame, the color is so nice!

SquareHue February 2015 Swatches Tunic 3

SquareHue February 2015 Swatches Tunic 4

Another reason I’m not thrilled with this polish? I found a dupe for it! NOPI Selena is almost exactly the same polish, but it has a teeny bit of silvery sparkles thrown in that SquareHue Tunic doesn’t have. Oh, and it gets to opacity in three coats instead of four. So, yeah, not super fond of Tunic when I have a dupe for it. I also compared Tunic to another polish – Covergirl Coral Silk – but they’re not very close. Same color range, but the Covergirl polish is darker, more orange, and more opaque.

SquareHue Tunic Comparison

War Crinoline 1915 is, umm, well…a little familiar. Hmmm…let’s take a look back:


Yep, War Crinoline is an exact dupe for SquareHue Na Prikope from the November 2014 box. Oops…

SquareHue War Crinoline Comparison Na Prikope

You’re not imagining things – they ARE the exact same color! When a bunch of SquareHue subscribers got their boxes this month, they noticed that War Crinoline bore a striking resemblance to Na Prikope, as in: they are dupes. SquareHue duped itself? Why, yes, they did! According to an email SquareHue sent out, there was an oversight with the polish notation in which a one number difference resulted in the wrong color being mixed. Yep, confirmation from the source that they’re the same color. To make up for their mistake, SquareHue refunded $7 to every customer who got both polishes, which I noticed a few days later when I checked my credit card statement. I’m satisfied with the way they handled this, but I would have liked to know what the original color of War Crinoline was supposed to be. I suppose it will forever be a mystery!

Anyways, much like its dupe, I did like SquareHue War Crinoline quite a lot. It’s a nice, medium sage green that looks good with my skintone, and it covers nicely in two coats.

SquareHue February 2015 Swatches War Crinoline

SquareHue February 2015 Swatches War Crinoline 2

Like I did for last month’s box, I was inspired to do something floral with the colors for this month, so I came up with this delicate rose design with gradient French tips using the colors from the box. I haven’t really done anything this elaborate in terms of flowers on my nails, so this was quite a challenge for me.

SquareHue February 2015 Nail Art Rose French Tips 2

SquareHue February 2015 Nail Art Rose French Tips 3

I began by putting on base coat, and then adding a gradient French tip with Kewpies. This was unexpectedly rather difficult; as I kept sponging on more of the pink polish, the polish underneath kept lifting off. Eventually, I did get it to work, though. This is the result after I added a layer of topcoat:


I wore this around for a day, and then proceeded to make the flowers; if you want to follow along with this process, check the tutorial picture below. First, I put down a small blob of Tunic to make the main flower, and fanned it out with a tiny brush to approximately the locations where I wanted the rose petals to be (2). I then used Kewpies to make the edges of the petals (3), and went back over the edges with Tunic to blend the edges in nicely (since Tunic is so sheer, this worked pretty well). Once I was satisfied with the main flower, I started making the rose vines and leaves using War Crinoline (4, 5). I made the vines go around the free edge and up my cuticle because I liked the look of it that way. Then, I made the smaller rose buds by placing small drops of Tunic, dragging it out to a point (6), and painting the edge with Kewpies (7). Finally, I finished off the flowers by making little sepals around each of them (8). Overall, it was a rather complicated process, and I don’t know if I did that great of a job explaining it. But at least you can get an idea of what I did.

SquareHue Roses Nail Art Composite

I even made a gif! See:i9lni

Despite my difficulties in doing this, the end result is GORGEOUS. This is probably one of my favorite designs so far this year because to me it just works. The rose, the French tips, the placement – I’m just really happy with it. Probably I won’t do it again though…once was enough.

SquareHue February 2015 Nail Art Rose French Tips 4

SquareHue February 2015 Nail Art Rose French Tips 5

Overall, this wasn’t my favorite SquareHue box, but it was a nice group of colors, and ultimately I got some great nail art out of it.

I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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