Given yesterday’s very sad news, I thought I’d share a little about the rather odd intersection in my life of Star Trek and painting my nails. I talked about it a little bit before, but I think it deserves another mention.

Admittedly, I only really “discovered” Star Trek when the 2009 reboot movie came out (my family never watched Star Trek when I was a kid). I went and watched the movie with my friends not knowing what to expect, but when I left the theater, I was curious enough to go and watch a couple of episodes of the old 1960s series on Netflix. What can I say – I got hooked! Everything about it was fascinating to me. I loved the concept, the characters (especially Commander Spock), the science-y jargon, the really old special effects – it was such a joy to watch. I especially liked its (overall) optimistic take on what the future would be like; compared to the zillions of post-apocalyptic/dystopian fictional future universes that dominate pop culture today, the future in Star Trek is much more hopeful.

Of course, when I watch stuff on Netflix, I usually try to keep my hands busy. As you might expect, I often painted my nails while watching Star Trek. Once a few years ago, I even combined Star Trek and nail art to get the manicure you see above; this was one of my first nail art attempts that I was really happy with, actually.

Sometimes, my sister would walk into my room and bother me while painting my nails and watching Star Trek. And, sometimes, she’d watch Star Trek with me, even though I initially didn’t think she would like it very much. But somehow, we both really liked Star Trek, painting our nails, and spending more time together – all of which led to the development of the “Star Trek Manicure Party”. So I suppose you could say that Star Trek really helped us become closer as siblings, in a way.

This, of course, is why I now associate Star Trek with painting my nails, and why I’m writing a post about it on my blog. It’s a show that means a lot to me personally, and so the passing of one of its stars affected me greatly. I encourage you all to watch some Star Trek if you can, and to live long and prosper.

Thanks for reading,

– Emi


2 thoughts on “LLAP

  1. Alisa says:

    Yes, it is sad. I remember watching the original Star Trek TV series with Laura at a sleepover at a friend’s house in early January, around 1968. It was cold and snowy and we kept going to check the thermometer to see how cold it was (a couple of degrees below zero, I think). It’s funny that you and Sharon also watch Star Trek together–but we did not paint our nails.
    I like your Star Trek nails–very snazzy!


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