Valentine’s Day Mani Swap with @fishnails on Instagram – My Recreation!


Hi everyone! I’ve got the second part of my Valentine’s Day mani swap with @fishnails on Instagram, and, this time, it’s me recreating her design! As I wrote in my previous post about my own design for the swap, a mani swap is a shared exchange of nail art designs between two people, after which each person recreates the other’s design. Her design for the swap was a kind of mix-and-match manicure inspired by those heart-shaped chocolate boxes you see around Valentine’s Day, and here I have my interpretation of it for you all to see! This is actually my first manicure that incorporates negative space elements – yay for new things!

10953602_1539926449605711_1140410289_nLike I said earlier, this is a mix-and-match manicure in which each nail has a different, but related, design. Well, not each nail, but there are 3 designs total between 5 fingers so I’m counting this as “mix-and-match”. The thumb is plain red, the index and pinky have a negative space heart box (with a rhinestone!), and the middle and ring fingers have a white and red half moon with two accent rhinestones each. The best thing is that this entire design was made with only two polishes: a red creme (OPI The Thrill of Brazil) and a white crème (Covergirl Snowstorm)!


To begin, I painted my thumb red, and my middle and ring fingers with white. While a lot of half moon manicures have you begin by painting the moon color first, I started with white because I was afraid it wouldn’t be opaque enough on top of the red to hold its own. After painting the middle and ring fingers with white, I freehanded on the half moons in red, and used tiny dabs of topcoat to adhere two red circular rhinestones to each nail.

The heart box design on my index and pinky fingers was a bit trickier. To make the heart, I folded a piece of Scotch tape in half, and then traced a half of a heart near the fold. I carefully cut out the heart using scissors, and then unfolded the tape. After trying a few times, I eventually got the heart cut out that I wanted. I then stuck the piece of tape on my nails, to which I had already applied base coat, and painted in the heart shape with red. I waited about 5 seconds, and then peeled off the tape. This method worked pretty well for getting a nice, symmetrical heart shape. To finish off the hearts, I used a striping brush to paint the ribbons on the heart, and then stuck a rhinestone to the hearts. And done!


It’s so cute! I love the little heart boxes! The negative space was such a good idea!


I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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