Swatch – Girly Bits More Cowbell

Hi everyone! I am still on vacation over the winter holidays, but wanted to put out a scheduled post since I don’t want my blog to be completely silent for two weeks! This is a swatch of Girly Bits More Cowbell: a muted aqua holographic polish with small flecks of blue microglitter that peek through the base color. It’s so gorgeous! And it looks rather nice as a wintery, ice princess polish. Other than the pretty color, I picked out this “More Cowbell” polish because it’s named after my dad’s all-time favorite Saturday Night Live skit – obviously it was a must-have for me!

Girly Bits More Cowbell Swatch

More Cowbell is stunning but not in-your-face punchy, which I really love. The polish has a metallic base that is a really “dusty” light greenish blue color, and there’s some bright blue microglitter flecks and holographic pigment thrown in for extra awesomeness. The holographic rainbow effect comes out nicely in direct lighting, including incandescent, and especially so in the sun although my photos aren’t showing it all that well. In addition to being pretty polish, More Cowbell was also astoundingly easy to apply. I used three coats to get to this opacity, though probably two would have sufficed, and the consistency was just perfect. It went on so smoothly I was kind of amazed.

Girly Bits More Cowbell Swatch 4
I had a lot of fun wearing More Cowbell around for a few days; I was staring at my nails the whole time, of course! I didn’t get any chips after four days, which is usual for me, so I was pretty happy to learn that this polish was sufficiently durable. All around, this polish was a winner for me!

Girly Bits More Cowbell Swatch 3
I hope you’ve liked my short post, and that you are enjoying the winter holidays. Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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