Swatch – Julep Ciara

Hi everyone! This is the first of my scheduled posts, since I am now officially on vacation! Not to worry though – I’ve got three more posts coming during the few weeks I’ll be gone, so my blog won’t be completely silent during that time. I anticipate that I’ll start publishing new material in early January once I’m back from my trip. Anyways, I hope all of you lovely readers enjoy your holidays!

I have a quick swatch to show you today of Julep Ciara, which is quite a mesmerizing polish. I picked this one to wear for a few days, and I couldn’t have picked a better choice! It’s very eye-catching and fun to wear because it has some duochrome elements to it. To me, it seems very insect-like, as if I’m wearing crushed scarab shells on my hands. Fun stuff!

Ciara is definitely a polish that requires a few sentences to describe. It consists of a jelly base that’s some sort of ruddy purple color, with duochrome blue-to-magenta microglitters suspended in it. As in: looking at the polish head-on makes the glitters look turquoise, but if the polish is angled the glitters look magenta. Yay for duochrome! Sometimes, in diffuse lighting, the glitter particles reflect back the turquoise and magenta simultaneously, and then it’s extra-amazing! Unfortunately, in many lighting situations, the base color looks a little close to black for my comfort; I was hoping it would look more brown-purple, but this was not the case. Oh well, it’s still pretty fabulous.

The formula of Ciara was less than stellar, but still decent. It took me three coats to reach 100% opacity because the first coat was really streaky and difficult to manipulate; the bald spots it left behind necessitated the third coat of polish. All the same, three coats is not unreasonable, and ultimately this polish wasn’t too awful to deal with. The consistency did get a bit thick over time, though. Still, not the worst polish formula-wise.

While Julep Ciara has some well-known dupes, I don’t have any of those other polishes and so this shade is unique to my collection.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post, and that all of you readers have happy holidays! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


2 thoughts on “Swatch – Julep Ciara

  1. Rachel says:

    I have this color, too, but I don’t think I’ve used it yet. It was also a bit darker than I’d hoped! When I use it, though, I may put Adele over it; I tried it over Angela and got a very beetle effect, and I strongly suspect it’d be similar with Ciara.


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