Swatch – OPI Under the Mistletoe

Hi everyone! Sorry about not posting for over a week – things have been rather stressful for me. I have a TON of stuff to do in the next two weeks! Well, even though it’s a week later, I hope all my U.S. readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I certainly did, excepting my major screw-up in which I accidentally left my laptop at the airport security scanner. YIKES! Since it’s my only computer, you can imagine how much my life, including this blog, would be set back if I had really lost it forever! When I realized it was gone, I felt like I’d lost a piece of my soul! You know, as if my laptop was a horcrux and someone had just destroyed it? Luckily, the TSA security line was probably the best place I could have lost my laptop because it was (obviously) found by security guards who cataloged and stored it until I was able to recover it. Crisis averted! While I did get my laptop (and sanity) back in the end, I highly encourage all my readers to BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS!!! I kept putting it off, and therefore would have lost all my data if I couldn’t get my laptop/horcrux back. So don’t put it off until it’s too late!

OPI Under the Mistletoe Swatch

Anyways, in other news, today I’ve got a swatch today of OPI Under the Mistletoe, which is the polish I wore for Thanksgiving. Because I spent the holiday with my boyfriend’s family, Thanksgiving-themed nail art didn’t happen. Things got busy right before I left and, besides, I wanted to be more conservative with my manicures while visiting them. So I chose this darling sparkly red! It’s a fairly traditional hue, but it’s got enough sparkle to make it interesting while not being overly showy. Overall, I think it worked well for the festivities. While the name of the polish implies a different occasion, red nail polish like this is always in style.

OPI Under the Mistletoe Swatch 2
Under the Mistletoe consists of tiny pieces of silver glitter suspended in a saturated, medium-dark red base that’s just translucent enough to let the glitter shine through, while not being too jelly-like. While the glitter is not quite as prominent as in other similar polishes, it’s still noticeable and snazzy. Three coats got me to full coverage and got the color to look sufficiently “deep”.

OPI Under the Mistletoe Swatch 3

I’m pretty happy with this polish! I really like red nail polish, and the subtle glitter effect was really gorgeous. This polish stayed on for the entire time I was away for Thanksgiving, and I still liked it by the end of my trip.

OPI Under the Mistletoe Swatch 4
I hope you’ve liked my post! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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