Glitter Gradient with Julep Sugar Plum Duo – Ruth and Padma

Hi everyone! I’m back with some nail art! But first I have a short announcement: I’m going on vacation! For the winter holidays, I’m going to be visiting my darling boyfriend’s family in “Sin City” and, since I will be busy during that time, I will not be doing any nail art for a few weeks. So as not to neglect all of you readers, I’m going to write some posts in advance and schedule them to be published during my vacation. Hopefully about three or so posts will come out during that time. Also, any holiday-/event-themed nail art will be done in advance of the actual dates to accommodate some circumstances that have come up. I just thought I’d inform you of the upcoming scheduled posts, for the sake of honesty.

Julep Sugar Plum Duo Glitter Gradient Ombre Ruth Padma 3

Anyways, I finally received the Sugar Plum duo from Julep’s holiday collection in the mail, and I couldn’t wait to use it! One of the polishes inside – Ruth (the glittery one!) – sold me on the duo. It was too good to pass up! I mean, come on, purple flake glitter in a jelly base? Of course! As for nail art, I decided to showcase Ruth and its companion Padma in this glitter gradient manicure. While this manicure isn’t one of my best works, I still like it a lot because it’s very wearable and pretty. And the glitter is mesmerizing!

Julep Sugar Plum Duo Glitter Gradient Ombre Ruth Padma 2

Ruth is a pretty awesome polish, and I am SO glad I shelled out for it! I didn’t do a swatch of it because I didn’t want to waste any precious drops of it, so you’ll just have to trust me that it’s amazing! It’s got iridescent purple flakes of Mylar glitter in a lightly-tinted purple jelly base. The glitter falls somewhere between the fineness of “flakie” flakes and the coarseness of shard glitter. Fortunately, this means that the polish smooths out nicely with one to two coats of topcoat, and there aren’t any jagged pieces that stick out at you. The formula wasn’t as amazing as the color, but it was still decent. The polish started out kind of thick and got kind of gloppy as I used up more and more of it, but it was so awesome that I didn’t care. I don’t think Ruth would ever get completely opaque, no matter how many coats you lay down; it’s definitely meant to be a glitter topper for something more opaque. Which is why it was perfectly paired with Padma! The other half of the duo – Padma, a very dark purple shimmer – has been available for a while, but I didn’t have a bottle of it until I got this set (which also justified the purchase in my mind). It makes an ideal companion for Ruth because the glitter really comes to life over dark colors.

Ruth’s inner fire really comes out the best when in the shade/indirect lighting. I snapped this picture while I was on the train this morning, just to show you Ruth at its finest:

Julep Sugar Plum Duo Glitter Gradient Ombre Ruth Padma Shade

As for technique, this manicure was pretty simple. I started off by painting my nails with three coats of L’Oreal Wishful Pinking (sheer French manicure pink) to get a sort-of natural looking base color going. Then, I applied some of Padma to a makeup sponge and distributed it over the lower 50% of my nail, making sure to fade it out as it went from the free edge of my nail to the middle. Next I put on a very light layer of Ruth over about 75% of my nail using a Q-tip, past the line at which Padma stopped, to get the glitter to blend in well with the background. Finally, I reinforced the glitter by painting more of Ruth using the polish brush on top of where I had put Padma (lower 50% of my nail). And done!

It’s so sparkly! I love the iridescence! ALL THE SHINIES!

Julep Sugar Plum Duo Glitter Gradient Ombre Ruth Padma 4

Unfortunately, while it looks pretty, my execution of this manicure wasn’t the best. I was kind of rushing to finish it because I did my nails right before I was going to go see a movie with my friends, and it didn’t help that my hands were super shaky as well. Since the technique didn’t require any fine details, I still got an OK result at the end. But, because I globbed on Ruth rather quickly, I ended up with lots of bubbles trapped inside. This probably wouldn’t happen if you painted it on like a normal manicure, though. You can only really see the bubbles in sunlight, so they aren’t prominent most of the time at least. Still, it bothers me. UGH.

Oh well. It’s still sparkles!

Julep Sugar Plum Duo Glitter Gradient Ombre Ruth Padma

I hope you’ve liked my post! If all goes well, I’ll be back to doing nail art by the beginning of December! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


2 thoughts on “Glitter Gradient with Julep Sugar Plum Duo – Ruth and Padma

    • emismanis says:

      Thanks! I’m a bit behind when it comes to posting manicures on the blog, including the present manicure, but I’ll catch up by the end of this week! I guess you saw the sneak preview on Instagram!

      The blog post on the present manicure won’t have a tutorial, unfortunately. I’m too busy to make one 😦


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