Swatch – Zoya Channing

Hi everyone! I have a quick swatch today of Zoya Channing, which is this astoundingly glowy red-orange shimmer polish. Let’s all admire it, shall we?

Zoya Channing Swatch

Zoya Channing Swatch 4

I picked Channing out of my stash because I wanted something red, but a bit unconventional. It definitely fits the bill! The color is an intense orangey red, which Zoya describes as “rusty or coppery red”. I really love how vivid it is! I felt the intensity of the color benefited from three coats of polish rather than two, so I have three coats shown on my nails. As I was wearing it throughout the day, I noticed that, depending on the lighting, the color would sort of shift between looking more red or more orange. In my photos, the shade looks to be exactly in between red and orange. Pretty neat!

Zoya Channing Swatch 3

As for the finish, I’d say that Channing isn’t strictly a shimmer. It must have some larger shimmer particles in it that add the “glow” aspect, but they’re too small and sparse to make this polish a metallic foil. All the same, the extra particles give it an “oomph” that strongly enhances the reflectivity of the polish, making it crazy-shiny and gorgeous. I’m not sure how I feel about this unusual finish; with a single, direct light source it looks awesome, but with multiple, diffuse light sources it falls flat. Ah, well, I’d say the way it looks under direct, indoor light makes up for the way it looks outside. It’s incredible!

Zoya Channing Swatch 2

I hope you’ve liked my short post! I’ll be back with more nail art, and a blog announcement soon. Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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