Purple Duochrome Swirls with Zoya

Hi everyone! Today I have some two-color nail art today that features two purple polishes from Zoya! While I’m still busy with all my crazy work this month, I still found some time to do this in between all of my responsibilities; of course, it does help that one of my biggest tasks got postponed to November/December…

Purple Swirls Zoya Nail Art

Anyways, this design was prompted by my recent discovery of Zoya Adina (a purple-based duochrome with a green shift). I found myself entranced by this magical photo of Adina that Zoya posted a month ago on its social media sites, and couldn’t resist getting it once Zoya put out some great promotional deals. I mean, seriously amazing promotions. So good that I basically bought my entire polish wishlist in one order. That’s one of the best things about Zoya: when they have a sale, they have a SALE. One of the other polishes I bought in that order was Margo, which is one of the new polishes from the Entice Fall 2014 collection. It’s a highly saturated medium grape purple creme, and I love it! This shade is so flattering on my skin tone, and I’m very fond of how vivid and intense it is. It made total sense in my mind to pair Margo with Adina, since they are both great purple shades and they look good together. I chose to do these soft swirls to give Adina a chance to shine without being overwhelming.

Purple Swirls Zoya Nail Art 2
There really isn’t much to describe in terms of the technique I used here. I just painted two coats of Margo, and then used a striping brush to add the swirls in Adina. For each nail, I did the largest swirl first, and then did the two smaller swirls; I thought that would make it easier to get them all to be at the right heights. Making the swirls was difficult, though, so I don’t recommend attempting it unless you’ve had a lot of practice with a tiny brush. It looks great when it’s all done, but making spirals was quite a hassle.

Yep, purple on purple is definitely the way to go!

Purple Swirls Zoya Nail Art 3

It was really hard for me to capture the duochrome of Adina. This photo does the best job:

Purple Swirls Zoya Nail Art Duochrome

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I kept this one short since the last one was ginormous. Stay tuned for some really exciting developments next week! Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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