Modern Shiny/Matte French Manicure with Wet n Wild Roadwork

Hi everyone! I have some simple nail art today because this month is CRAAAAZY for me…and we’re only two days in! For work, I have a whole bunch of projects to finish, or significantly work on, by the end of the month and I’m quite anxious about getting everything done. And these are not small projects – these are really big and REALLY IMPORTANT. Therefore, I’m going to warn all of you readers in advance that my nail art this month may be a little underwhelming, and will be on the simpler/easier side. Most likely, I will also be posting less frequently (the last time I posted was over a week ago), so don’t expect too much from me this month. I was really looking forward to doing some really fabulous landscapes soon, but now I may have to postpone that until the somewhat less busy months of November and December.

Modern French Manicure Shiny Matte

Anyways, my manicure today is a modern French manicure that uses a brand new color from the Wet n Wild Megalast line called “Roadwork”. By “modern”, I mean that the colors I chose are not sheer pink or white, and that I played with shiny and matte topcoats on the different regions of my manicure. My idea for this manicure actually came from a set of fake nails at a drugstore that I saw and loved, so I decided it would be fun to do something similar on my real nails. Once I saw Roadwork from the new Wet n Wild Halloween collection, I knew I wanted it to be the base color and everything fell into place.

The fake nails I saw were made by a brand called Pretty Woman Professional Nail Care, and they are referred to as “sandblasted” because they are matte! The two sets I saw used a matte base color and really shiny metallic French tips. I was especially struck by the blue set, although the colors I ended up choosing are more similar to the red/black set.

Fake shiny matte french tip nails

While doing this manicure, I swatched Wet n Wild Roadwork for you. I’ve mentioned before how much I like the Megalast line – especially the $2 price tag – so I was really interested in the new Halloween collection they put out. This gunmetal gray flecked polish was the one I liked the most for some weird reason. Gunmetal is definitely one of my least favorite polish colors to wear, I think because it’s just so not “me”, so I’ve only worn one other gunmetal polish during my entire life (that was not an exaggeration; the only other gunmetal polish I’ve ever worn is A England King Arthur). It’s also not very flattering on my light-medium olive skin. But when I saw Roadwork, I definitely wanted it. I still don’t know why this particular one appeals to me. Maybe because it looks so futuristic and science-y to me? Like I dipped my nails in graphite and slapped on a top coat? This definitely does look like graphite on your nails. It covers almost perfectly in one coat, but I put on two for 100% coverage. The application, aside from the gigantic Wet n Wild brush, is quite easy and not troublesome at all. So it’s a winner! I took pictures of it shiny-fied (the first two photos) and matte-ified (the third photo).

Wet n Wild Megalast Roadwork Swatch 3
Wet n Wild Megalast Roadwork Swatch 2

Now for the matte swatch!

Wet n Wild Megalast Roadwork Swatch Matte

I used Revlon’s matte top coat to make it matte, and I must say, I am not pleased with how insufficiently matte the result is. I wanted complete matte-ness, and Revlon’s top coat only gets to a dull, waxy finish. My idea was to get my nails to look as much like graphite as possible, and that didn’t happen. As I’ve been wearing this manicure, I’ve noticed that the matte top coat kind of soaks up any oils from my skin or from my food, and this really ruins the finish over time. This may be a common flaw to all matte top coats, so I suppose I can’t fault it on that basis. Overall, though, I am displeased. I ended up buying Essie’s Matte About You top coat for future manicure mattifying, since that seems to get a sufficient level of matte-ness in the online swatches I’ve seen.

I wore Roadwork alone for a day, and then added the French tips. I used A England Perceval (medium ruby red shimmer – beautiful polish) to freehand the tips on top of the existing polish, and topped the tips off with a shiny top coat (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri). And done! Pretty simple and easy. I really love the gunmetal and red color combo, which I think looks very modern and “urban”, since the matte gunmetal looks a little like sidewalk or concrete. When I showed my boyfriend my nails, though, he thought the color choice looked a little Soviet; that got a laugh out of me! Silly guy.

Modern French Manicure Shiny Matte 2

Modern French Manicure Shiny Matte 3

Lastly, I have a neat bonus photo for you all! I left my last manicure on for an insane amount of time (8 whole days!) and took a picture of it so you can see how a manicure wears on me. This manicure, if you recall, uses entirely OPI polishes. If you wear different brands of nail polish, as I do, you may notice that some brands wear better on you than others. OPI is one of the brands that gives me the highest manicure durability, and I have left OPI manicures on for 8 days before this one, so I was expecting it to look decent after 8 days.

OPI Fall Foliage Day 8
As you can see, it looks mostly fine and I don’t have any big chips yet (I got one on my right hand later that day). Tip wear, of course, is there on all my nails, and there is some new nail growth near my cuticles. The finish of the top coat has dulled, but my manicure still looks reasonably shiny to me. On my ring finger especially, you can kind of see that the polish has cracked near the tip; these cracks appeared on the sixth day I had on this manicure, and there were a lot more of them on my right hand than my left. But still: no big chips! Yay! I mean, you can only really see this kind of damage to manicures when you look up really closely at them, such as in this giant photo, but in real-life it definitely looked passable.

I hope you liked my blog post! I do apologize in advance for not being able to create more complicated and more frequent nail art this month, so I hope you are not too disappointed. Nail art is only a hobby for me, so it needs to fall by the wayside when I have a lot of actual work to do. Anyways, thanks for reading!

– Emi


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