Rose-Colored Subtle Gradient French Tips with Zoya and Wet n Wild

Hi everyone! I have some really simple nail art for today: gradient French tips with rosy colors. The past week has been really hectic for me due to two unexpected family emergencies, and me trying to catch up on work. This means I haven’t had as much time for nail art as I would have liked, which is why I left my previous manicure on for 6 days instead of the 3-4 I usually do. With simple nail art, though, I can still do something slightly more than a solid color. Hence this stuff with muted, rosy colors Zoya Rue and Wet n Wild Sophisticated Lady. At the end of this post, I’ve got a short review of the Urban Outfitters White Rose perfumed topcoat, which I put over this manicure. Check it out:

Rose Subtle Gradient Tips

This manicure came about when I was trying to find something to do with Zoya Rue (the neutral rosy creme). I wasn’t sure how I wanted to use it, but once I saw how Wet n Wild Sophisticated Lady (light rose frost) looked on top of it, I had it figured out. All I had to do was apply two coats of Zoya Rue, and then use a makeup sponge to distribute the Wet n Wild on top of it, concentrating it near the tips. Pretty easy, I thought. Well, Rue was rather difficult to manipulate for some weird reason. I had some streaking, cuticle flooding, and gloppiness, to name just a few of the problems I had with it. I have no idea why it was so troublesome…maybe some thinner would help? Next time, I guess… At least the application of the Wet n Wild went smoothly enough. The only tricky part was waiting until the frosty tips dried so that they wouldn’t smudge when I applied topcoat. I’m glad I put up with Rue’s issues, since I’m quite happy with the result. It’s a very sophisticated and classy manicure, with the neutral rose colors and the well-placed shine.

Rose Subtle Gradient Tips 2

Then I thought of something else: what if I applied the Urban Outfitters White Rose perfumed topcoat on this manicure? You know, because of all the rosy colors? So I did it. I’m not a connoisseur of fragrances, so I will just have to say that it smells very floral, and a bit powdery. I don’t necessarily think it smells like roses, though – just flowers. It’s a very feminine scent. A few minutes after applying it, I started smelling it and I was like WHOA that is strong! But the smell died down eventually, and after about 24 hours, I can only smell the topcoat if my nails are an inch away from my nose. At that level, it’s light and pleasant and not overpowering. In terms of formulation, Urban Outfitters White Rose topcoat dried reasonably quickly (not quick-dry fast, but in a decent time frame), but it gave me some shrinkage. Since I applied a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri before the White Rose topcoat, I’m guessing that the Sally Hansen topcoat wasn’t completely dry when I put on the White Rose topcoat, causing the shrinkage. Since the shrinkage was probably my doing, I won’t fault the White Rose topcoat on that basis. Overall, I think it’s a decent topcoat and the smell is appealing (as well as the price). I would have preferred the scent to be a bit stronger, but the level that it’s at is fine.

Rose Subtle Gradient Tips 3
I hope you’ve enjoyed this manicure! Hopefully I’ll get around to doing the fancier nail art that I have planned, but I may have to do simple stuff for a bit now that I have more work to do. Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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