Swatch – Urban Outfitters Pistol

Urban Outfitters Pistol Swatch

Hi everyone! I have a swatch today of Urban Outfitters Pistol: a smoky, purple-toned neutral polish with a subtle red-brown shimmer that comes out in direct light. This color needs a lot of descriptors because it is really peculiar, in a good way. Usually I shy away from neutrals, but I’ve worn this for almost a week without being tired of it yet. On the contrary – I’m completely smitten! It’s plushy and soft-looking, like animal fur, and feels luxurious and sophisticated.

Urban Outfitters Pistol Swatch 2

I applied two coats of Pistol to all nails for full opacity. Since this was the first time I tried Urban Outfitters nail polish, I didn’t know what to expect. In terms of formula, Pistol went on smoothly without any issues, and wasn’t too thick or thin for my taste. The brush is on the skinny side and, though I prefer wider brushes like OPI’s brush, this brush wasn’t too bad (not as skinny as Essie). The only gripe I have about Urban Outfitters nail polish is the polish bottle itself. The bottle is really chunky and difficult to handle, and its large size makes it difficult for storage. I guess it looks cool, but I think less glass would be better.

Pistol bears more than a passing resemblance to Essie Sable Collar from last year’s winter collection…hmm…I can’t compare them to each other since I don’t have the Essie color, but they seem very similar from online swatches of Sable Collar. Also, I casually walked by a beauty store this weekend and stuck my painted fingernail next to a bottle of Sable Collar. From this passing glance, I could detect no significant difference between the two. Pistol may be a good cheap dupe for Sable Collar, since this polish was only $4 compared to Essie’s $8.50. And I’m getting slightly better wear out of Urban Outfitters than I usually get from Essie colors. Win win!

Urban Outfitters Pistol Swatch 3

Overall, I am very happy with this polish and highly recommend it to everyone, even people who usually don’t like neutrals. Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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