Swatch – Zoya Janice and Blog Announcements

Hi everyone! I have a quick post today. Last night I was too sleepy to do nail art (and the last design burnt me out a bit), so I painted my nails with a single color: Zoya Janice. It’s a lovely pinky-red shimmer that applies very smoothly. It reaches opacity in two coats, but I applied three to enhance the depth of color.

Zoya Janice

Zoya Janice

Zoya Janice Swatch 2
It looks like Zoya has phased out Janice on its website, so unfortunately you can’t purchase through there 😦 It may be possible to find it in stores, though, if you can find one that carries Zoya. Or you can try and find it through other sources online.

Anyways, Janice is a very pink-toned shade of red that makes it almost magenta, but not quite. It’s not as bright and saturated as some reds are, which makes it very wearable; I assume it probably works well on almost all skin tones. And it is definitely a shimmer polish, contrary to Zoya’s description of the color as a creme. Granted, the shimmer is on the less pronounced side, but there is no way that this isn’t a shimmer polish. Since it isn’t strongly shimmery, Janice might be a good polish for people who stick to safe colors and finishes to branch out into something more jazzy.

Zoya Janice Swatch 3
Now for some blog announcements! I’m looking forward to doing some more nail art in the near future, and finishing up the Disney Series (1 design left) and “My Favorite Things” Series (2 designs left). Beyond that, I decided upon two more 5-part nail art series that I want to accomplish: one series of blue designs (a “blue period”, if you will), and one series of landscapes. Hopefully I’ll have the patience for landscapes; the ideas are so inspiring and I really want to do them, but I always dread having to paint stuff on my right (dominant) hand once I’ve done it on my left.

One new thing I am looking forward to publishing on the blog is dupe comparisons! I’ve been finding several dupes in my collection – polishes that are so exactly the same that I can’t tell them apart – and I have always been curious about how all the brands of nail polish I own stack up against each other. Some of the comparisons will be between salon brands to determine which is the best one of them all. Also, I’m curious to see if you really do get what you pay for when it comes to buying a salon brand versus a drugstore dupe. I’ll be evaluating several aspects of each polish, both during application and during the subsequent seven days of wear. Each polish will get a score in the categories I decide upon, and the scores in each category will be weighted to determine the final winner of the face-off (I’m in a STEM field and need to quantify things). I’d like some feedback on what you all think the categories should be and how much they should be weighted; let me know in the comments 🙂

Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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