My Favorite Things Series – Red and Gray Poppy Bedding

Hi everyone! I have a new post in the “My Favorite Things” series today (nail art inspired by my stuff). Design #1 was based off of a starry scarf and Design #2 was meant to look like a pair of dichroic glass earrings. This time, I’m showing off some nail art that looks like my bedding! A little over a year ago, I bought an awesome duvet cover from Bed Bath & Beyond by a brand named notNeutral that has some bright red poppy-like flowers and light gray leaves on top of a darker gray background. I really love home decor like this because it has everything I like: florals, bright colors, and graphic print. Also, the family dog’s name is Poppy, and so – not gonna lie – I was partly drawn to it because it has poppies on it. The bedding is actually still available to look at on the Bed Bath & Beyond website, but it is no longer for sale online. You can find it on Wayfair, if you’re interested in buying it (it’s $80 I think).

Red Poppy Bedding

I moved into a new apartment last year and, with some major life changes going on at that time, I wanted to get a fresh start and grab some new bedding to go with my new life (also my old sheets were pretty beat up after 4 years of use). Since my old colors were green and brown, I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to find something with different colors. This red and gray bedding set the colors for my entire room because I loved how punchy the red was against the neutrals. Here’s a good shot of the pattern on it:

notNeutral Red Poppy Bedding Pattern

Red Poppy Bedding 2

As you can see, the background is a medium-dark gray, and has some light gray, almond-shaped leaves on top of it that have a thin white line going down the long axis. The big, bright poppies are splashed on top of the leaves, and they have light gray centers. So, in summary, there are a few layers going on here. To replicate this pattern in nail art, I used a whole bunch of creme polishes, which were:

  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Greige (medium-dark off-gray creme)
  • OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (slightly gray off-white creme)
  • Sally Hansen Striper in white (white, obviously)
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Red Eye (bright, blue-toned red creme)

First, I painted my nails with base coat and two coats of Greige, and put on a layer of topcoat to protect it from any damage from the leaves. I then used a striper brush to paint the leaves in the OPI color, and followed with the white polish; this step was a pain in the butt. Next I took a large dotting tool and blobbed the flowers on in a somewhat organized fashion. Finally, I used the same dotting tool to make the centers in the OPI color, and finished with topcoat after a suitable drying period.

Red Poppy Bedding 3

Here’s my nail art compared to the inspiration:

Red Poppy Bedding 4


The pattern on my nails is obviously way smaller than on the duvet cover, so my nails won’t exactly camouflage with the bed. But I think I did a decent job of replicating the pattern on my nails.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my nail art! Next up in the My Favorite Things series will be nail art inspired by my bikini, and by my favorite Starbucks drink! Thanks for reading 🙂

– Emi


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