My Favorite Things Series – Dichroic Glass Earrings with Rainbow Foil

Hi everyone! I’m continuing my series of nail art designs inspired by patterns on my favorite things today, which began with the minty star scarf a bit over a week ago. This manicure was inspired by a FABULOUS pair of dichroic glass earrings that I bought at a craft fair two years ago. As best as I can tell (I’m no expert), these stud earrings are made of an ultramarine blue glass base layered with some rainbow film, and then coated with clear glass. I bought them for $10 or less, so they were quite inexpensive. Unfortunately, I can’t credit the artist because I can’t find her info 😦

According to Wikipedia, dichroic glass is made by layering glass and micro-layers of metals or oxides to yield a piece of glass with color-shifting properties. The dichroic appearance of the glass is due to thin-film optics effects, which you can also see at play with rainbow soap bubbles and oil slicks. Since I don’t have micro-layers of metals/oxides to use on my nails, I created the dichroic effect using some shiny rainbow transfer foil. It looks AMAZING!!! The finished look is really close to how the glass looks in real life…almost better than how it looks in real life. Plus, the technique I used wasn’t too difficult, so I made a tutorial! Check it out:

Rainbow Foil Dichroic Earrings

You can see that my nails do match my earrings pretty well! When I was getting lunch earlier today, the cashier even noticed that I had matched my nails to my earrings, and he was pretty blown away by the foil effect. I feel like I did a good job if other people I meet figure out the intent of my nail art…or even comment on it in the first place… My nails don’t get too much appreciation in real life, so it’s always nice when someone notices πŸ™‚

Rainbow Foil Dichroic Earrings 3

Honestly, I didn’t think of doing this manicure until I went to Michaels for another reason and happened to see this iCraft Deco Foil hanging out in the scrapbooking section. It comes in multiple colors, including the rainbow foil I purchased, and is only $5 for a nicely sized roll. Once I saw it, I knew I wanted to try playing with it! The instructions say to stick the foil down using a special adhesive they sell, but I figured I could tack down the foil using the stickiness of nail polish just by itself. In total, the materials I used were:

  • Base coat and top coat
  • OPI…Eurso Euro (blue creme)
  • iCraft Deco Foil in Rainbow
  • Scissors
  • Nail art brush for cleanup

I took a pic if you want to see what everything looks like (plus the earrings!):

Rainbow Foil Dichroic Earrings Supplies

Though I go into the basic steps of the process in the picture tutorial, I should warn that my method has a few tricks to it that you should keep in mind if you’re trying to recreate this design, mostly because I don’t use the special adhesive.

  • Make sure the second coat of nail polish is dry to a very light touch and not completely dry when you apply the foil (it won’t adhere).
  • Conversely, don’t apply the foil if the polish is too wet. Some of the polish could pull off with the foil.
  • You can use any blunt object, like the end of a nail art brush, to push the foil down onto the nail.
  • When applying a layer top coat over the foil, brush it on quickly and with a light touch. Use as few brushstrokes as possible. If you fuss with the top coat too much, the foil will smear. You can apply another coat of top coat over the first layer to smooth things out.

I like this manicure better than I thought I would. I thought the rainbow foil would be too overwhelming, but I managed to get the blue to show through enough to make it not too gaudy. Here are some more pictures of the finished results! SO SHINY AND RAINBOW!!!

Rainbow Foil Dichroic Earrings 2

Rainbow Foil Dichroic Earrings 3

And now for the tutorial!

Rainbow Foil Dichroic Earrings Nails Tutorial

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post! In the future, I’ve got more nail art in this “My Favorite Things” series based off of my bedding and bikini (and maybe something else!). Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

– Emi


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