Swatch – Julep Boris & Nicole

Hi everyone! First up I have a quick PSA for nail polish wearers: nitrile gloves are NOT fully resistant to acetone. I repeat, NOT fully resistant. I had the misfortune of discovering this fact when I removed my gloves after I wiped down some tools with acetone. The left index finger of my manicure had gotten smudged, but thankfully not beyond repair.

I have a quick swatch today of Julep Boris & Nicole! This polish is a deep red-brown (Chestnut? Mahogany?) shimmer polish that applies easily in two coats – very autumn-appropriate for sure. It’s very sexy.

Julep Boris & Nicole

Julep Boris & Nicole

I have no idea how they came up with the name for this polish, and I want to know so badly!

Julep Boris & Nicole 2

Thanks for reading! I hope to post some more nail art next week, so stay tuned!

– Emi


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