My Favorite Things Series – Minty Star Scarf with Julep

Hi everyone! Today I’m starting a new series of nail art designs inspired by the beautiful patterns of some of my favorite things (hence the title of this post). Yesterday I was looking at my list of manicure ideas – I keep one on my phone so I don’t forget anything – and I realized that at least four of the ideas were inspired by stuff I own. So I’m making it a whole series!

The first design is based off of one of my favorite scarves, which is a bright minty/aqua green color with some metallic silver stars of various sizes scattered all over it. I bought this particular scarf at Nordstrom Rack several months ago, and I remember it being inexpensive. Not super insulating, but it helps keep me a little warmer. And, of course, it’s pretty and shiny 🙂

Minty Scarf

Minty Scarf 4

Believe it or not, it was really difficult to find a color that was a close match for the scarf color. Given the size of my stash, I would think it would be easy enough, but I guess I don’t have that many minty greens. The best match for the scarf color was Julep Kam (May 2014), so I went with it. It’s a slightly muted minty green that isn’t pale or chalky, so it doesn’t make my hands look all red when I’m wearing it. The scarf is more saturated and a bit bluer, so Kam wasn’t that close, but eh good enough. It mostly covered in two coats, but I put three on some nails that were patchy.

I then used Julep Tin Man for the stars, which is a moderately holographic silver. If I wanted to make it look more like the scarf, I should have used a metallic foil, but I wanted the holographic because…why not? It’s holo! I made the bigger stars using the stencil technique I described in detail in this previous post. The smaller stars I freehanded using a detail brush. I also outlined some of the little stars with the detail brush; you can’t really see from the picture above, but some of the stars on the scarf have a thin outline around them. I really like how all the stars look now the design is complete. It really does remind me of the scarf!

Minty Scarf 5

Bad picture, sorry. But it shows the pattern of the scarf better.

Minty Scarf 2

I hope you enjoyed this post, and my impending “My Favorite Things” series. Upcoming parts in the series will be inspired by: a pair of earrings, my bedding, and my brand new bikini. I’ll have to think of another to get a five-part series; a four-part series just doesn’t cut it for me. Thanks for reading!

– Emi


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