Whimsical Blue Feathers with Essie – Summer Promo!

Essie Feathers
Hi everyone! I have some exciting news: Essie is having a summer stock up! This news is like two weeks old, but the promotion is valid until September 1st, so it’s still relevant. The promotion is: if you purchase any three Essie polishes at an authorized retailer, you can send a picture of the receipt to Essie and they will ship you a free bottle of topcoat in three to four weeks. The offer is valid for US residents only, and lasts until September 1st. Since Essie hardly ever has promotions, I took advantage of this offer and bought three Essie polishes at my local drugstore; combining other drugstore coupons with the promo made me feel like I actually got a good deal. It’s only been one and a half weeks since I sent in my receipt, so no topcoat for me yet.

The link to the promo is here:


The three Essie polishes I bought were Who is the Boss (light blue green), Strut Your Stuff (BRIGHT turquoise blue – new for summer 2014), and For the Twill of It (purple-green duochrome). Because the colors looked so good together, I combined them into this feather design, which I think is quite whimsical and breezy. I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

Essie Feathers 2

At first it was kind of difficult to think of good ideas for how to combine the three colors together. I suppose the idea of feathers came to mind because “Strut Your Stuff” made me think of one of the other Essie Summer 2014 polishes – “Ruffles and Feathers” – and I just went with the feathers. I mean, birds like to strut their stuff, right? Feathers are kind of related to the polish name… Anyhow, I think feathers work pretty well, especially with the airiness of Who is the Boss and the glimmer of For the Twill of It, which reminds me a bit of the duochrome gleam that some bird feathers have.

As for technique, I started by painting 2-3 coats of Who is the Boss on all nails. It was actually more opaque than I expected, which was awesome; Essie polishes can be so finicky. I then took a small detail brush and painted the vanes (backbones) of the feathers with Strut Your Stuff. Taking small amounts of the same polish, I went out from the vanes to make the barbs (the main body of the feather), and then the afterfeather (the fluff at the bottom). Finally, I went over some of the barbs and the afterfeathers with For the Twill of It to add extra sheen. You can see the duochrome effect pretty well in the picture below:

Essie Feathers 3

I’m really fond of how the look turned out, and I hope you enjoy it too. I’ve got some fabulous ideas in the works, so stay tuned and thanks for reading!

– Emi


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