Swatch: Wet n Wild Club Havana and New Instagram

Hi everyone! I have some news: I’ve started a new Instagram account (@emismanis) for my nails! Maybe you’ve noticed the nifty widget in the sidebar to the right… I intend to use it to post “action shots” of my manicures out and about in the world, as opposed to the photos I take for the blog against a black background. By this, I mean that the Instagram account is going to be a supplement to my blog that features more fun/less serious photos than on the blog (and won’t have a significant amount of text). Feel free to follow it if you like!

Today I have a quick swatch of Wet n Wild Megalast Club Havana: a bright red-toned orange creme. The Wet n Wild Megalast line is amazing for two reasons: all of the polishes are $2 and they actually are quite durable. Considering how cheap they are, it’s astounding that these polishes can last for as long as pricier brands (around 6-7 days before tiny chips appear on me, or I feel like removing it). With other cheaper brands, I can get big chips within 1-3 days, which is WAY unacceptable. I don’t even buy Sinful Colors any more for that reason. The polishes themselves typically have decent formulas, although the brush is hard to work with. The only downside to the Megalast line is the small range of colors offered. It would be awesome if there were, say, 50 colors in the line.

Wet n Wild Club Havana

Wet n Wild Club Havana

I picked out Club Havana to wear for a day because I love orange! Orange is my “happy color” that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s pretty straightforward as a polish – no glitter/shimmer/gimmicks. One thing I did notice was that, based on other people’s swatches, the color seems to be slightly different depending on the wearer. On me, Club Havana looks very red-toned, but other swatches show a more yellow-orange color. The formula was more sheer than I expected, so I applied three coats to each nail to make it reasonably opaque. While the formula was otherwise fine, the brush itself made applying the polish somewhat tricky since it is gigantor.

Wet n Wild Club Havana

Wet n Wild Club Havana

I hope you enjoyed my swatch. Tomorrow I am going to show off another Disney-themed manicure for my trip this week to Disneyland (SO EXCITED!!!!), so stay tuned!



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