Julep July 2014 Maven Swatches and Nail Art


Hi everyone! I have some polishes from the Julep July 2014 collection today, which I first swatched and then combined into a zig zag manicure. This collection was full of a bunch of cremes, so none of the colors are super special. All the same, these polishes are quite likeable, and very bright and summery. I picked out the colors in the Bombshell box (Beverly and Lissa) and one color from the It Girl box (Dawn). Here they are:Composite

The Bombshell box came with Beverly and Lissa. Beverly is a medium-dark purple creme that applies easily in two coats. It’s very rich and saturated, and it flatters my skin tone nicely. This is probably the most dupe-y of the polishes I acquired; it is very similar to Revlon Bold Sangria (since replaced by High Roller), but is ever so slightly lighter. Julep Evelyn is the only Julep color I have to compare to Beverly, and Evelyn is decidedly lighter and more reddish.


Beverly Comparison

Also from the Bombshell box was Lissa, which is a medium turquoise creme that covers in two coats. I love how intense and saturated the polish is; it is very summer-appropriate. While this color isn’t exceptionally unique either, I don’t have any similar colors in my collection to compare to Lissa. The closest color I have is Sally Hansen Dive In, which is a lighter shade of the same color.



Dawn is the yellow color I picked up from the It Girl box, and is by far my favorite of this group because it is so unlike any color I’ve seen. It’s a green-tinted super bright yellow that reminds me of a mostly ripe lemon (Julep describes this as a “citron yellow”). In fact, it is so bright that my camera couldn’t even get the color balanced properly and my hand looks weird. This is a very “out-there” color, so you have to be feeling adventurous to wear it. Since it is a yellow, it covers in three coats, but it doesn’t have too many formula issues other than that.



I was feeling inspired to combine all three colors into a fun zig zag manicure. I started by painting two coats of Lissa, and let the polish dry thoroughly. Using a pair of shaped scissors (scissors that cut in zig zags), I cut some sticker paper into a thin strip with one zig zag edge. I cut the strip into small sections, and stuck the sections to my nails with a bit of a gap between them. Since I wanted the zig zags to be closer to the tips of my nails, I offset the strips from the center of my nails. I then painted Beverly in between the sticker paper, waited 15 seconds for the polish to set, and then peeled the strips off. The result was a crisp zig zag line near the tips of my nails. I freehanded Dawn on top of Beverly using a striper brush to complete the look and make it really punchy.

I hope you like my swatches and nail art. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚



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